Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WWNY: Their Take on Their Debate

       The Arcade Street take on the Assembly forum was that  John Byrne attempted to pin struggles at two Massena industries happened on Addie Russell's "watch". Alcoa got a bailout and GM folded.
       That's a dubious claim that assumes someone in an elected legislative office somehow "controls" the economy and jobs.
       The Safe Act discussion reveals a couple fallicies .  One is that anyone can "repeal" the law.  It passed with tacit GOP support in the Senate and overwhelming Assembly report. To repeal it, an entirely new Legislature and Governor would be needed.
      However the notion it will be modified is specious for the same reasons. There is no legislative imperative to repeal or water down the law.
      If anything helped the challenger it was the discussion of Speaker Silver. Any discussion of him hurts the Democratic incumbent.


Anonymous said...

I watched this debate ...what a snore !! Byrne never answered questions at all , he is as LOW ENERGY as i have seen in years . WHAT DOESHe do to earna living ... It seems like his socalled business experience is very light on successs. Russell while awkward at times seems better versed in the issues .

Neither is a ball of energy , but we cannot affford Rip Van Winkle who really has no substantive record of accomplishment as he claims l His AVOIDANCE of Jeff coles direct question on THAT topic was VERY telling . Why has the GOP continued ro put up such desparation candidates ? is there no talent in the herd ? Is this the best they have ?

Anonymous said...

Once a bad, ineffective publicity stunt passes, thugs like Benito can keep it in effect. There is always a possibility some sanity can be applied, and the law changed. But it won't be repealed. Too many dannies. One thing to always remember. It saved no lives. It was just a puke job that played on fears of dumbasses. Wait till some fruitcake discovers the wonders of gasoline. We will then have a waiting period for filling up our Land Rovers.