Friday, October 7, 2016

WWNY: Likely Losers Argue Who is Less Relevant

    Seems the number two and three candidates for NY 21 are more interested in each other than the woman who will win the raise.
    Today Democrat Mike Derrick was on TV 7 calling on Green Matt Funiciello to stand down as he is running to promote his own brand and is becoming a perennial candidate...Sort of a Harold Stassen, I guess.
    Last week Mr. Funiciello said he will beat out Mr. Derrick for second place to set up a one on one showdown with Rep.Elise Stefanik in 2018.


Anonymous said...

The REAL losers here are the taxpayers ,Stefanik is owned , a puppet of her Pac backers and has done and will continue to do NOTHINGfor the middle class .

Anonymous said...

Funiciello loves Funiciello.

And he's been bamboozled by Stefanik surrogates like yourself, Jeff. You've all got this poor guy thinking you actually like him and want him to do well. Sure you want him to do well, so your candidate Stefanik can stroll across the finish line while the Green does her dirty work for her.

WAKE UP MATT. You're a pawn.

Anonymous said...

12:21 Twisted logic. Funi doesn't know who the Democrat he is running against. Rep., Indep, Rep. Indep. Rep. and now finally he has changed the initial after his name of D. But The Baker doesn't know if Da Da Derrick is a Bernie D or a Clinton D.

The Baker got 'berned' when the Bernie progressives took and endorsed the newly minted Da Da Da Derrick Democrat.

The Baker is the true Green Democrat in this race, unlike the opportunist that the Dem. chairs endorsed. They took Derrick willingly only cause he was a recent convert, like that was going to make a bean of difference.

The guy is nasty as they come, his campaign mgr. knows the writing on the wall. Maybe when this is all said and done it was a set up by the County Dems. that were in cahoots with the DC establishment consultants. The Dems. owned something to the DC Dem. Consultant and Da Da Da Derrick is just a pawn. Got played!

Lots of folks out here think The Baker is sincere in his beliefs no matter how outlandish they are or out of mainstream. The Baker is very likable and I personally wish he bests Da Da Da Derrick, the imposter. He is more honest than the lying Da Da Da Derrick.

Haven't a clue what you are referring to to have Green do her dirty work. This is about the Dem. NY21 chairs prostituting out Da Da Da Derrick and not having a looksie at the Baker.

Oh well, The Dem. goes into forever hock, they used him, game, set match! Bingo bango

Anonymous said...

12:16 Be careful what you say, your man has it all over the GOP in his pac money.

Hmmmm, Harvard wins 63%, Green 17%, Dem 20

You lose

Anonymous said...

The Real Democrat in the race is Matt. If I hear one more time Derrick
's sacrifice in the service entitles him to continue to serve he has another thing coming.

Go Green

Anonymous said...

The proof is in the pudding.. Derrick called it right on the head today when he said Funiciello is a perenniall canidate... So was Doheny for four attempts all loses.. She is run but Paul Ryan and his crowd and bought and paid for by Wall St.

Anonymous said...

look to the post star reports on money if you want to really know about it - mike has the highest percentage of NYC money (total and percentage) no matter how much he labels her as bought and paid for by wall street.

And no one is helping anyone here - that's all you need to know. mike's party knows he's a lost cause. elise's party knows she's got it sown up. Everybody's going elsewhere - as it should be.

Anonymous said...

I've met all three candidates. Stefanik and Derrick are the real deal. Both are professional and diplomatic. Funiciello on the other hand is childish and petty with on long-winded rants filled with insults and I'm-right-you're-wrong attitude. I'm sure he's proud of his 10% support, but he's alienated everyone else. He's certainly lost my support.