Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WWNY: All Eyes on Trump In Our Newsroom

     The interesting thing about news is that the same event can produce different takes. I read the WDT version of the NY21 debate and it was a recitation of stands on various issues while the TV coverage of course focuses on Donald Trump.  Rep. Stefanik called for Mr. Trump to release his taxes and said she disagreed with the candidate's stance on immigration but feels he is the best hope to work with a GOP Congress on other issues. Local media has been hot to tie Ms. Stefanik to Mr. Trump as they think that's a bad thing.
      Many local Republicans have been critical of party leaders being so lukewarm on the top race.
      I still haven't heard anyone press the Democrat in the race on whether he supports Hillary Clinton and how he reconciles her national security and email issues.


Anonymous said...

And Scotty at the big 7 doesn't even vote what a shame.

NY21inMD said...

Donald Trump will not win this election, maybe even lose badly. The Republican Party, under great turmoil, will struggle to blame someone for the loss. Trump and his most ardent supporters will declare the system rigged and that he actually won, thus continually reminding the electorate of the disaster he is. Republicans running for office now have to decide how close they want to associate with him. Republicans running for office in 2016 and 2018 will have to disavow him or remain forever stained by his candidacy. Democrats, of course, will gleefully remind voters who supported Trump using Republican candidates own words against them along side a picture of the Donald. Will Ms. Stefanik meet the test?

Anonymous said...

Beam Me Up Scotty A, another downer of a candidate. This is what you get and what you deserve when you support anyone walking with two legs
with your only criteria being they are registered as a Dem.

The moderators made fun of Scotty's candidate. Chuckle, chuckle.

Go Green!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, You obviously must have dosed off, he will be owned lock stock and barrel by the Hilldabeast. He pretty much stated that fact. Owens was owned by Nasty Nancy Pelosi and hence the worst piece of legislation which has destroyed the middle class and the medical industry known as Obamacare. Owens was the vote that put the first nail in our coffin.

Most noticable Stefanik is more polished. Homeboy Matty should reach out to her asking for grooming tips and instruction, since we probably have her only for two maybe four years. It would be wise of him to latch onto her coattails.

Anonymous said...

6:47 Hate to break it to you the party has already moved on with or without him winning. Both candidates have transition teams in place.

So whichever candidate wins, the election of 2020 will start within a year of either Trump or Clinton's swearing in.

NY21MD always late to the party but this will be the first year in over 50-60 years there will be no wave election or reversal of seats in the House. Boo friggin hoo. Neither candidate will be able to govern. Will be a lame duck from day 1

Anonymous said...

Hilly will win in a landslide , theRepugnicans will lose control of tHe Congress after all they Did NOTHING in the last two years except establish their COngressional leadership over the WORST CONGRESS IN DECADES . They failed to produce an ACCEPTABLE candidate to run against the WORST democratic candidate for the presidency in decades in what should have been a cake walk , but will now be a tidal wave for that worst dem in decades

This abysmal track record by the elephant will have seeious ramifications as he poor ignorant beast has lost its soul to the extremists and will fail to capture both the new generation voters and the minorities who combined outnumber by far the balance of voters from here on in ,

Hello boneyard for this once noble beast , Lincoln weeps !!

Anonymous said...

9:01 Hillary is counting on your generation that dwell in their parent's basement that haven't quite figured how you have been SCREWED by the Democrats.

On the leaked video at high fancy smancy McClean VA fundraiser.


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Benghazi, her email server issues, and the Clinton Foundation have all been raked across the proverbial coals and there ain't not there, there.... smoke and no fire... park it. No prosecution and certainly no jail time ... nothing criminal, that is you believe in our system of equal justice under law, which apparently many here at this trough do but except hypocritically.