Thursday, October 6, 2016

WDT:| Reprinting WaPo Editorial Just Part of the Effort

           The WaPo has been enthusiastic in it's full throated backing of Hillary Clinton but they know as do those who reprint their editorials that Libertarian Gary Johnson must be dismantled.  It's widely felt as Mr. Johnson rises above five percent, he tends to affect Mrs. Clinton's numbers more.
        That means a double digit Johnson may reduce margins for the Democrat in key states.
         The media is working all sides in electing their candidate even to the point of strategic news and editorial writing to shape opinion and voting.
         Yesterday, once responsible news organizations were shopping a story about Trump being displeased with the Pence debate, all to throw more shade on the ticket.
         Maybe someday WikiLeaks will release the emails between major media outlets and the Brooklyn high command they work for.
Watertown Daily Times | Washington Post: Can Johnson fans name his policies?


Anonymous said...

As most of the dannies will admit, if struck with a moment of honesty, nothing scares them more than choices. This Johnson guy is dangerous to their way of life.

Anonymous said...

They reprinted the Huff post most "dangerous prosecutor in NY" opinion too. Funny that it read as if Perrykos wrote it himself, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Jeff... In 4-way races, the Johnson/Weld has been shown to increase Hillary's numbers and lower donnie's.