Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WDT: NY 21 Debate Treads Water as Race Heads for Finish Line

    An obscure debate held in front of 75 people far, far away featured the three NY 21 candidates and the themes were familiar....The obligatory attempt to tar Elise Stefanik with Donald Trump while she dances around the topic, saying she works for people here rather than get caught up in the national distraction. Actually I am not sure why it's a topic but the criminal enterprise called the Clinton campaign is not.
      Health care came up but it should be discussed more fully in view of candid statements from the Democratic governor of Minnesota and former President Bill Clinton that Obamacare is imploding. A lot of people are worried over that and the rising costs of insurance.
     College costs came up, as did broadband. Isn't that the Internet ? Had it for years but I did have to pay for it myself.
      Apparently nobody asked about Aleppo.


Anonymous said...

Snoozer, she had this in the bag a long time ago. The moronic newly minted Democrat has been used by his fellow donkeys.

He is counting on Tonko (Mentor) of all people to pull him through. Since he has not actually lived in NYS 90% of his life he doesn't understand how disliked Clinton is in this part of the state or for that matter anything north of the Tapanzee. Guv. Cuomo himself has stated there is no room in NYS for people that oppose his views on abortion and guns.

So stupid he also thinks that climate change is the #1 national security threat to our country.

Danny, clear his head and schedule a marching drill around your flagpole. Has to be soon, very soon. Maybe he wants to take a knee.

Anonymous said...

Elise has done nothing to protect my right to bear arms. I'm voting for the baker this time.