Monday, October 17, 2016

WDT: Demolitions on Tap

     One of the solutions to blight is demolition and several city properties are headed for that as property owners and the City get rid of structures with no prospect for rehabilitation.  In many cases it's the market place that determines a building's viability and getting rid of the clunkers is a part of the solution.


Anonymous said...

Very misleading headline. It is not the city taking the first five down. At the end of the article they say there are three the city may take down. - At least one of which the city stated would already be down by now.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that a "landlord" who won a $10 Million dollar lawsuit against the State can't afford to fix up these properties. I also find it ironic that this same person claims not to be an absentee landlord. Well, you live in North Carolina, so yeah, you are. This is the same "landlord" that stole my security deposit on a rental property of hers, that actually wasn't a rental property, but her home which she needed people in the house so the pipes wouldn't freeze. She then kicked us out with two weeks notice for no reason. After numerous attempts to get the deposit back, I turned to the AG's office to file a complaint. They refused to take the case because of her pending 'whistleblower' lawsuit. $10 Million, and you can't fix your properties up, and steal from hard working people. Karma is a bitch, cant wait till she hits you wear it hurts...

Anonymous said...

@11:45 AM '

when reading this article today, I thought something stinks to high heaven and reading your post assured me that I was right.
This also shows that the WDT has no real journalists, who investigate what is really going on.
This women seems to have a lot to hide. Hopefully the city make her pay for the demolitions.

There are more landlords like this in the city,
The landlord we had lived in Florida and flew in once a month to collect rent money.
Every time it was beneath 32 Fahrenheit every Waterline was frozen in the house. Her advise: leave the doors under the sink open then the Waterline is not frozen. We paid more for the heat bill in the winter months ,as we paid rent( that was 10 years ago) and it was still cold and drafty. No wonder, the house had hardly any insulation. After one winter we moved out and bought a house.

Anonymous said...

1145 - I know this landlord and you are correct. She ran these 3 properties into the ground.

Time to re-focus our efforts on beefing up the understaffed codes department, or give it back to the FD- and re-instituting the annual inspection program. Why the city would eliminate these inspections when the problem is worse than ever is very questionable. Looks to me that they are promoting the very decay they are complaining about. Who suffers? The people living in these places. The city is putting people in danger just to make a point. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!