Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WDT: Debate Has Few Flashpoints

      I dozed off before watching the NY 21 debate on Time Warner, but the print summary shows a fairly benign confrontation between the three candidates. There are two remaining faceoffs out east, with one of them broadcast on Mountain Lakes PBS.


Anonymous said...

Three boring people with little to say and less than pedestrian track records . Politics is home to the mediocre today , no intellectual chops , no leadership chops , and certainly no visionery chops thus the inability to inspire damn near anyone . PRoof positive why term limits are needed .

Anonymous said...

OM Goodness Jeff, Imagine being a moderator and hearing the Baker telling them all drugs should be legal. The female moderator rebutts his statement about heroin abuse and deaths and he had no come back other than double down and GO GREEN.

The baker has enhaled too much of his yeast and the Dem. candidate seemed dim witted. This is why our military has gone to he##!

Dim witted and Green, what a combo.

Anonymous said...

Flashpoints for the Newsboys, The candidate that the Democrats put forth was pitiful throughout the debate. The clown has not worked in about 5 fives and he is living off the retirement (taxpayers) and this is what we are paying him to do.

Can't believe there is another one scheduled for next week. What a terrible waste of airtime. I'm embarrassed for him.