Monday, October 17, 2016

WDT: Data Base the New City Priority

       Creating data bases is popular these days at City Hall. Now that money from the AGs office for zombie properties will be used for that. Seems to me the records at the Assessor's office should provide most of the information always being talked about.
      The new state law on zombies will require banks stay on top of these properties and keep a data base as well.


Anonymous said...

New York, open for business.
Cape should do the same thing and find out how many of those cottages are empty during the winter. Just like the city, there is nothing to do with the information once they get it, but hey, if it puts someone to work and makes idiot law makers happy, then we might as well do it.

Oh wait, once it becomes official how many vacant homes there are in this area, we have in excuse to import no English speaking impoverished refugees. I guess that beats the alternative of importing criminals from adjacent cities, like they do now.

Anonymous said...

More wasted grant money!!!!!!! Remember the commercial where the crew robs the bank? "I'm not a security guard, I'm a security monitor. I only tell people if there is a robbery". Same here. If all we do is monitor the problem where is the solution? Couldn't this money be better spent on a real solution?