Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WDT: Byrne Outlines Platform to 260, Russell Takes Mail and TV Hits Unanswered

      GOP Assembly hopeful John Byrne tells the Times he favors regional high schools (never happen without getting rid of present district structure), wants more state aid for schools, wants to end START UP NY and of course opposes the legislative pay raise which looks like it will take effect January 1  anyway so if elected he will get it without having to support it.
    This race is simple from his point of view. If you don't like Shelly Silver, vote for me.
      For Ms. Russell, time is running short and as two years ago, Mr. Byrne appears to be finishing strong.
 You can't win if there is a perceived character gap and while Mr. Byrne's life is a cypher to most voters, she is being defined.
    Today there is a brief thirty minute TV debate. Let's see if the gloves come off.


Anonymous said...

John, Best you be careful, LaBaff will come out and say you are sexist publishing and using photos that make AJR look like a cow or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Regional high schools makes sense. They could never afford a cop, swimming pool, Astro Turf, auditorium with a column in the middle,monument to an engineering consultant and one time Superintendent, or a diversity and sensitivity coordinator, without growing the campuses to one giant cluster@#$% the size of WHS or IR. I mean, the efficiency that was gained by consolidating all Watertown schools on to one campus needs to be reproduced throughout the county. Its the only way to get a $30MM capital project.

Anonymous said...

For a second there I thought that picture of Addie on Byrne's flyer was the Hilldabeast. Nightmares for the next week.

Addie's Presidential hates F### Jews, Blacks, Catholics, Evangelicals, the illegal poor, why does she endorse such a liar?

Anonymous said...

"Byrne wants more state funding for schools, does not support legislator pay hike."

Pretty sure that's Addie's platform.

John "The Con" Byrne will say and do anything to promote himself. Just ask his bar patrons.

You can't trust this guy. Just like his business model, John the Con is advertising Gray Goose while pouring Mr. Boston.

Anonymous said...

She has been too busy assisting the Democratic Congressional Candidate as his adviser on our side.

Always being available to Little Carl downstate Speaker, you betcha she gets her new marching order from the latest downstate corrupt pol.

WE know who she is beholden to and certainly she takes care of Addie first and then downstate.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Addie refused to take advice from SIVER on WEA Legislation"

The race needs to also include a replay of Assemblywoman's historically bad judgment, as pertains to Woman's issues, something she's supposedly a big time advocate for in the Assembly. Yet, can any of us forget her insistence that then Speaker Sheldon Silver, include the 'Abortion Plank' in the Woman's Equity Act, after the NYS dominated GOP had passed the other nine Planks?

This was a terrible blunder on her part caused by her alliance with the Feminists group NARAL that insisted the Abortion Plank had to stay the Assembly version of the (WEA) meaning the WEA Bill couldn't be reconciled with the Senate Version!

Addie was so bull headed that the Abortion Plank be included, that not even her mentor, the very corrupt Speaker Sheldon Silver could change her mind on including the 'Abortion Plank' at the expense of passing the9 other Senate approve Planks.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Byrnes attacks are fruitless. Shes got him beat fromt he word go... Sheridan could have possibly give her a run but not Mr Byrne... People (with a small exception on this blog) dont care about Silver, Skelos, Libeos or any of them only results and Addie gives them.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy Ive been to the meetings listening to her speak and all of a sudden two months ago she reverses everything she said in the past. I can't believe a word she says. I'm not helping her this year. Change is good.