Saturday, October 15, 2016

WDT-BOCES in Watertown breaks ground on $7.6m solar array project

     I'm no economics major but I'd say the deal for these solar arrays benefits some at the expense at the rest of us. Solar City builds subsidized arrays, sells the power to school districts who resell it to National Grid at the mandated higher price.  This we are told saves the taxpayers money, but of course that difference is paid by someone.

     Couldn't it just be sold to Grid at the lower price so we all benefit ?  And isn't Solar City part of that Buffalo billion deal ?

    Also the whole power grid works through economies of scale, so when major uses get their own deals, the little guy pays. But as I said, I am not an economics major.

Watertown Daily Times | BOCES in Watertown breaks ground on $7.6m solar array project


Anonymous said...

It's for the children. Get with the program, Mr Mayor, per se.

Anonymous said...

One big thing being overlooked is that the land is not currently taxed. But when it is being leased out to a for profit business, it should be taxed. Can a church do what the schools and municipalities are doing? Simply convert their church to a business and pay no property tax because they were already exempt?

Also, the billions in bailouts for the nuclear plants is because of this solar and wind crap. Its just as crooked at Cuomo and COR. No matter how much solar and wind generation we have, someone still has to be there as the base load generator, unless everyone agrees to turn off their lights and AC when the wind stops blowing and at night time and on cloud and rainy days.