Thursday, October 6, 2016


     GOP Assembly candidate John Byrne called today about being on the HOTLINE next week. Not sure of the day, but we look forward to his appearance. Mr. Byrne told me he wants specifically to respond to the assertions made this week by incumbent Addie Russell, who referred to her opponent as "shady" and a "failure".
      I was invited to take part in a panel discussion on the history of local radio being held at the Jefferson County Historical Society as part of their exhibit on local broadcasting.
       That means I am an exhibit, which is another way of saying old and on the downside of a career.
        With storm offering a bit of diversion for the Trump bashing media,it's clear if he can't pull a rabbit out of a hat Sunday in St. Louis, he is headed for a loss margin similar to John McCain at a bit over seven percent.
         The only EC difference will be he gets Indiana and the stray CDs in NE and ME. Maybe Iowa too.


Anonymous said...

"Shady" and "failure" don't quite describe him. I think these are better words: "jobless," "Albany-native," "former democrat," and "aggravated harassment."

Anonymous said...

I don't see where Byrne has a chance. He may be loyal to NNYers, and Adelaide is no bunny, but I don't see him wearing a maid's suit and cleaning up after the boyz. He would look awkward. And heels, at his height? Nahhh.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake why in hell is Byrne playing defense. You have to play offense Byrne and tie her deep to the newest corrupt Pol. Heastie.

Little Carl is pushing hard for his pay raise. Addie is tied to his hip and has to play maiden to the newest downstate pol.

She no longer has any support or backing from the CC boys.