Saturday, October 8, 2016

The most revealing Clinton campaign emails in WikiLeaks release - POLITICO

    The Clinton emails released last night have no impact as most media are soft peddling it. Yes she revealed a craven duplicity on trade and other issues.  

      GOP insiders whom I respect say no matter what happens, Hillary Clinton wins.

The most revealing Clinton campaign emails in WikiLeaks release - POLITICO


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Reading "hacked, leaked, or leaked and then hacked, or leaked, hacked, and edited" whatever emails or most anything from anyone is a roll of the dice. In short: what are we to believe and trust that is the key?

I would trust a hacked/leaked email or video from anyone from Russia or China or Timbuktu about as far as I could pick up and throw Julian Assange or Edward Snowden or Vlad Putin asses...

What the hell has happened to lack of critical thinking vis-à-vis this comparison?

Empirical evidence: Which is evidence you can see or read for yourself that is documented and based on science, clinic trials, and facts.


Anecdotal evidence: That is evidence you hear from someone else, which has not been verified as factual, has little or no basis of fact and that is mostly opinion, views, feelings, hunches, and innuendo, etc, which amounts to tabloid headlines in essence.


Anonymous said...

No one knows who will win. The only way of knowing is by taking polls and no one takes a big enough poll to really tell us the answer. But the polls that are taken do show that Hillary has an edge. But it was a given all along that she would have a huge edge, yet she doesn't have a very large lead when all is said and done. Voter turnout is going to be the deciding factor. Unless Hillary drops dead, which is not beyond a likely scenario too.

This next debate could be a turning point. Trump needs to appear presidential, ignore accusations and turn the debate toward Hillary's shortcomings.

Pussygate has told us one thing...people who hated Trump, still hate Trump.

Anonymous said...

the crap you spew is almost as bad as the candidate you support. mr. graham, why do you post the remarks of this fascist on here...for the sake of all that is sane, no more from this dan guy

Anonymous said...

I knew who was gonna win in January 1:32. Hillary! Anyone who thought different is a loser!