Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stefanik releases tax returns, calls for opponents to do the same - Sun Community News & Printing

        I was all excited to read about Elise Stefanik's tax return then I heard on ESPN that Colin Kaepernick is starting for SF when they play the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday.....That should prompt some boos and we'll see if Rex orders orders the line to ring his liberty bell.
        Back to the returns. Not that interesting. Twenty eight percent marginal...23% effective. She wants her foes to release theirs too. I really don't care what any of the three make, but I betcha that bread guy makes a lot of dough.
        I was 25% and 16% last year, and I am challenging the other talk show hosts to release theirs. Mine will be available in the studio tomorrow should the media need to see it.
        Ms. Stefanik also released fund raising numbers. A million on hand and $2.8M for the cycle. I remember a few years back a big wig at the Times got on me for spending twelve grand for mayor, like I bought the election or something. 
        These numbers are beyond their comprehension.
         Anyway my modest $250 is in the pot .for  her.  No need to give more this year, besides the other candidate for Congress I gave to might need some more before November 8.
Stefanik releases tax returns, calls for opponents to do the same - Sun Community News & Printing


Anonymous said...

Dannie, Don't cringe yet......drum role, your alter boy medal winner has outraised her in outside pac money as lease that is what I read in that General Star Magazine on the wacky left side.

Let's see Mr.Alter boy's released tax return for 2013, 2014, 2015. What is there to hide. Most likely, plenty he does not wish daylight to see especially since he probably never ever filed taxes in lovely Empire NYS.

Jeff, thank you for your support, I also donated a small amt to Harvard. You were very generous. Very curious who the other Congressional Rep. you gave to.

Anonymous said...

I would be more interested in seeing the profit and loss statement for the commie baker than just seeing his tax returns.

Anonymous said...

oh jeff, you are a regular mercer. not

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you can support both anti-establishment Trump and establishment Stefanik. Trump is the answer and Stefanik is the problem.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

She is such a hypocrite - when did she call for T-rump to release his?


Anonymous said...

9:04 Dan, you are showing your age, she has been calling for Trump to release his tax returns for a while.

You failed to find the true meaning of Jeff's post. Stefanic was and is calling on your newly minted Demtard to release his tax returns.

He should do so as we can all recall Hillary saying in the first debate 'What is he hiding' Aren't you at all curious that he might have never filed taxes in NYS his entire life and is not paying his fair share of taxes.

The only hypocrite may be your fellow Demtard Stefanik's opponent, the deplorable that has a problem with Trump using all the available tax laws not to pay a higher tax as he himself most likely has done. Well, Stefanic needs to push this, cause it sure is sounding fishy or doesn't pass your nosy smell test.

Truly ignorant.

Anonymous said...

well said 706, very well said. stefanik is fine. it does not matter what her detractors think. this will be the biggest blowout yet. when you have no chance like mr. derrick you have to do what you have to do. onward we move

Anonymous said...

I will not support her ,since she has fone nothing for the working class , but i do give her credit for tax disclosure .

Anonymous said...

When exactly #706?

Anonymous said...

"The other candidate I gave to..." You mean that puppet Funiciello? He's a real boy! LMAO.