Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stefanik opponents blast her support of Trump |

    The Democrat who stood by calmly while Ernie LaBaff called our Congresswoman a cow, is busy chortling to the media out east about how horrible she is for supporting Donald Trump.
     Meanwhile Mike Derrick supports a candidate who professes she wants open borders, a hemispheric trade caliphate, single payer, abortion on demand and fewer Second Amendment rights.
     It's the issues Colonel, and willingness of a White House to work with a GOP Congress.        Stefanik opponents blast her support of Trump | Local News |


Anonymous said...

She sure doesn't look like a cow to me.

That there debate last week, wondering if Derrick personally apologized for he and his wife's laughter of LaBaff cow intro.

Never in all my years have we been presented with a person of such ill character as Hillary Clinton. As Donald said "She has hate in her heart" Comeback, this was a sexist remark since he called her She!


Anonymous said...

Sure changed your tune awfully quick, huh Jeff? When LaBaff originally made the cow remark, you dismissed it as nothing. Now that Elise is receiving some heat for not disavowing trump, it's all damage control. Time to let Elise stand on her own.

Anonymous said...

Stefanik is a good woman and a fine representative. She's smart, works hard, and is always a lady that we can all be proud of.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"NCPR 'Bum Raps' Rep. Stefanik for supporting Donald J. Trump"

Rep. Stefanik has no business being criticized by Democrats who are voting for former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton: her record as Secretary includes abandoning 'ARAB SPRING' & siding with Dictators, & the Iranian Deal. Hillary re-funded a desperate Iran, (Than on Sanctions) who was then able to support their Military Establishment, and the QUD forces -- who expropriate TERRORISM.

At least Trump says we'll let Iran kill ISIS rebels, because that's in our interest.. Hillary was on board with the red line drawn in Syria, but gas attacks continue & Chaos reigns there. NEED I GO ON ABOUT HILLARY"S INEPTFOREIGN POLICY INITIATIVES? OKAY, lets mention Benghazi, EGYPT, LYBIA, ISIL (IN @# Countries and counting!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

You cant hold Derik accountable for a old man losing his mind// Of course the Democrats cant be held accountable for anything just ask Obama.
Since when should any Congress holder care about an opponents call for your support for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I've still not recovered financially and might never will with having Democrat Bill Owens vote for the worst piece of legislation when he voted Yea on Obamacare with Nancy Pelosi as Majority Speaker.

Suckers, You have to vote for it first before you see what's in it so said Nancy and the sheeple followed.

I'm a registered Indep. and will never vote Democrat ever again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe her opponent can give us his view of the CNN 2008 youtube video of Senator Obama on his campaign plane sexually harassing female reporters with his erection. On his cell phone, put his leg up on opposite aisle seats, erection in full view, turns a 360 and still the erection. Female reporters giggling and stampeeding for a better camera shot.

I call that sexual harassment or sexual assault and total hypocrisy.

Better hurry and view before they take it down and What say you Democrat Candidate?

Anonymous said...

no one listens to or cares about public radio so that's no problem. she is unbeatable but the talking heads have to stand up for their party and will grab at anything. i read where they questioned why she is single..well i guess it beats being married like the clinton's. joke

Anonymous said...

Time to ask your Republican leaders for our Trump signs and buttons. This is a historic election and a major movement for us and our Party elite is hiding everything..
Call your leaders for the memoirs

Anonymous said...

She is at least much more loyal to her party and RESPECTING to the choice of the Republican majority to Represent that Party in the Presidential election. That is unlike the Republicans that oppose Trump that run scared or oppose trump to protect their own political asses(oh dear-how offensive). And then there are those like Jeb Bush and his father and brothers who think they are too good to be accountable to ANYBODY. As Barbara once said-Don't give those people[in New Orleans] those trailers. They're much better than they are used to!
Ah yes-those Republicans. How does the party tolerate such fools as these anyway.....

Anonymous said...

OMG, This idiot should keep his pie hole shut. I can't believe what I just read and viewed on Drudge. Apparently, Barack was flaunting his erect Johnson to a gaggle of reporters on what sounds like a campaign flight.

Anonymous said...

3:50, I don't live on a golf course, But I can tell you Obama isn't running for president. So if he wants to purposely pose and straddle his leg across the isle of the plane, like he is in a Captain Morgan commercial, it is fine with everyone. I mean everyone but the other passengers who were yelling for him to stop and sit down. Too bad for them. If they didn't want to see it all they had to do is shut their eyes. They are a bunch of whores anyway. Probably they all have fantasies about being raped by a black president too.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

How much more deeper can anyone reach or sink to find a valid reason to support Trump other for hating Hillary Clinton so much, I wonder?

The Marianas Trench comes to mind.

Ray said...

Danny! Let's say none of Hillary's crimes are real. Just make a big leap into the land of make believe. If we elected her, the nightmares begin. No men can stand up to her in any way, they would be sexist! No lady, they would be a mean bitch! So she ends up truly serving the same term President Obama did. Can't make on remark in public about a loser. Yes Danny the Clintons are losers! But dam good at making sheep believe different. I think people are saying they will move for the wrong guy. Medico is looking good..