Monday, October 3, 2016

'Specific info' forces WikiLeaks to move anticipated announcement to Berlin | Fox News

       The expected October surprise from WikiLeaks has been delayed due to security concerns, possibly the reported statement from Hillary Clinton about "can't we just drone this guy."
          Julian Assange is hated, particularly in the Democratic Party.
           I think whatever he has to say it will be downplayed....It really better be good for all the hype.
         We will see.
'Specific info' forces WikiLeaks to move anticipated announcement to Berlin | Fox News


Anonymous said...

I think the leak already started. So Slicky willy was frequenting prostitutes since Hillary was involved with Hubbel

They both wound up with love children though not from each other.

You got the racially mixed Danny Williams now professing to be Slicky Willy's kid since Willy was the only white dude she was servicing at the time.

Hilly not one to be outdone had baby girl Chelsea who is the spitting image of Hubbel the Law partner.

So WikiLeaks will leak some more nasty emails from Hilly in her earlier years giving nasties now to a prostitute.

Everyone was right Billy was the first Black President, has a kid that is part of the BLM group and bingo bango it all makes sense.

There were rumors years ago of a love child, but now Hilly can claim she knew about it years ago and did not wish to embarass the mix raced child.

Kind of like she voted for the Iraw war before she didn't and on an on goes the circus. Both are pieces of S##t.

Anonymous said...

The dannies used to leave puddles of gush about little Julian until he threatened his owner. Now the dannies are so afraid. They don't even know what Julian has to say, and they have ruined their uniforms.

Anonymous said...

No,problem - no legitimate media would ever publicize information that was illegally obtained. It certainly would not make the New York Times.....