Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sex, Lies and Videotape All Part of this October

       Good thing NBC helped out with the naughty talking video, because all these John Podesta emails sure do cast Hillary Clinton in a disingenuous light.....She's for free trade in private but against TPP in public....Says she wants open borders and globalism, except when she is running against a Sanders or a Trump.
      Mrs. Clinton talks about her public and private stances and how bankers and Wall Street are best able to regulate themselves.
      Sellout Bernie doesn't care as he wants that attaboy from Schumer.
       Donald Trump is likely to crippled to prosecute the case against Mrs. Clinton...but we will know for sure by 1030 tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

News of Donald Trump's death have been greatly exaggerated before. About the only time that the media really got one of these scabs they were picking at to bleed, was when the gold star parent-trap was set and Trump took the bait. Other than that, you and the MSN have been wrong each and every time you thought Donnie stepped in it.

If he was running agaisnt anyone else but Hillary, he would lose hands down. But because its her, he still has a very good shot. Supporters and the rest of the world are not phased to find out that the egocentric billionaire is a womanizer. If they find out he is in favor of open borders and NAFTA, then he will lose support, but until then, most of the people coming out against him are doing so to try not to be tainted by him.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha 731. donnie is finished. He is a loser through and through.