Saturday, October 15, 2016

Russell Charms Former Foes

   Assemblywoman Addie Russell ventured to the second floor at 260 this week, a venue not in the past feeling the love for her....This year this seems to have changed and Ms. Russell outlined her ideas for revamping the state's economic development plans and suggested a gradual transition to countywide school districts instead of the current superintendent-every-five-miles system.
     Ms Russell has to out run her ill considered remarks about Sheldon Silver two years ago as that is at the heart of opponent John Byrne's very tradition upstate-downstate campaign.
     However, the incumbent is better able to discuss real policy and has honed her speaking skills and is now an effective presenter.
     There is a 30 minute joint appearance Tuesday on FOX 28 which will be the only side by side comparison available to voters.
     Given the closeness two years ago in the race, it's hard to predict what will happen here.


Middle-Class Mike said...

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell was more interest in gaining the support of Sheldon Silver to pass the abortion plank than NNY economic issues during her tenure. Addie has not only been self-serving but part of supporting the most corrupt Assembly Speaker in NYS history.

Yes, Mayor the stench from her time in Albany, NY will get John Byrne elected in November & maybe we can start respecting our Assembly once again as he fights to help clean it up!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Ritchie and Blankenb ush have not been held accountable by voters for supporting felons in the Senate.. The late Libeos and the sleazy Skelos got a free pass from them.
I said yesterday Addie by over two thousand votes.

Anonymous said...

The American voter is far more concerned about procuring his 36 pack for the weekend or what color nail polish to wear than they are about the quality of the politician they elect or the preservation of the Republic. You are correct Jeff. A politician can screw the public seven ways to Sunday and if they can survive the next immediate election, everyone forgets about it. If Bill Clinton ran for President today the voters would still re-elect that POS by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

The Maid really is learning to be a good politician. And think, all we knew was she could keep an ashtray clean for the boyz. A lady of many talents for sure.