Thursday, October 6, 2016

Report: Rich Hollywood Woman Bankrolled Half Million Dollar Defense

     Justice is not free and when you are accused of murder the state has unlimited resources and you may not....Unless you have an angel....Oral Hillary reportedly got a half million dollars in help for legal bills from SLU trustee and Hollywood producer Sarah Johnson.
      Mr. Hillary was acquitted of the death of a 12 year old Potsdam youth five years after the death occured.
      Oral Hillary got more justice than someone without an angel would.


Anonymous said...

I like how they called her a Hollywood producer. That's like calling Caprara a restauranteur. NO, SHE is an heiress.

Nick didn't get justice, he purchased an acquittal using money profits from the fiancial scam sector.

If this was such an open and shut innocent verdict as you say, why did they have to spend half a million on the dream team?

BTW...I wonder if Perrykos's librul huffing friend will write about the guy who actually prosecuted the case and call him the second most dangerous prosecutor in NY? He too broke the "rule" after the judge rendered his verdict, and said he had no doubt Hillary did it.

Anonymous said...

Folks justice comes down to money. Sure the prosecution bungled this case. However it is questionable as to whether a public defender would have been able to capitalize the prosecution's folly. In the end the color that matters most is not black or white but green. Green is the ultimate equalizer.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the legal system is all about this money thing. But it is. Just like your healthcare system. Just like your political system. Dannie and I might agree on this one.