Monday, October 17, 2016

Report: NBC Execs Plotted on How to Get Tape in Public Arena

    Why did NBC leak the Billy Bush video through the Washington Post ? Speculation  is it was a way for pro Clinton NBC executives to help their candidate without dealing with legal and ethical concerns about airing a tape themselves of an event taped without the consent of the participants.
    The private conversation between Bush and Donald Trump was treated as a "bombshell" by media anxious to halt Trump's rise in the polls prior to the first debate.
     It opened a dialogue that allowed a series of sketchy sex allegations to also be aired in a bid to portray Mr. Trump as morally unfit for office.
     Effective as it was, when you think about it, why is such a conversation newsworthy other than by coincidence it was on tape ?
     Meanwhile the Peacock Network is withholding tape of Clinton accusers in it's library of outtakes.
     NBC and it's political arm, MSNBC, has been among the most vocal  in trying to take down Mr. Trump.


Anonymous said...

So now Trump wants a pee test for seuga prior to the debate, because apparently his new rant is that the Hill is taking performance enhamcing drugs.

A. The drugs ain't working well
B. She can take the drug test if he will take a psych test. He gets more delusional by the day.

Anonymous said...

And the libtards tell us that PACs and Super Super PACs are the problem.
No, the media is the problem. Even the internet is biased, with giant Facebook being the biggest offender.

Anonymous said...

Intersting that the Exc didn't get the tape of Bill Clinton braggin

he is an 'Equal Opportunity F##ker' 'I've Got Good Taste'

Such a fine upstanding man that the women of the Democrat party stand behind and the women that has enabled him all these years.

Addie, care to comment?