Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Program Note: HOTLINE

    Assemblywoman Addie Russell will be the guest today on the HOTLINE on WATN-AM 1240. Ms. Russell will answer questions from the host and from callers. She is seeking reelection against Republican John Byrne.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, Please ask her about her close association with progressive Gillibrand. Addie is a snake and will sell her soul to whomever helps Addie future.

There is interparty fighting going on, Schummer/Cuomo and Gillibrand/progressives Teachout and dearest Addie.

Anonymous said...

Please ask her about her stance on late term abortions. Is there ever a moment in time when it is too late for it to be the mother's choice? Like say, 30 seconds before the head comes all the way out? Obviously she would resort to "the mother's health" crap, but everyone will tell you there is never a case when a baby is being born that it is safer for the mother to kill the baby in the middle of being born.

This is important because it is the one difference between democrat Byrne and extremist democrat AJR. Byrne supports the list of ten special privileges to be given to woman at the expense of businesses and treating everyone fairly. The one thing on the list he is against, is abortion in the last 30 seconds of the pregnancy.

But I fear mayor Graham will refuse to ask the easy questions.

Is there any case anytime that AJR does not support the right to an abortion? Gender selection? Race selection? The last minute of the pregnancy? Anything at all?

Anonymous said...

942.. When you ask questions like this you sound like you are some freak with a mission.. Who gives two shits about anyones stance on anything. The Supreme Court ruled some time ago.
What counts is who are you voting for

I am voting this group

Trump for president .. Only for one reason.. Hillary will ruin whats left of this country.

Stefanik.. Only because the other two live in a world of make believe and have no purpose.

Rusell.. Only because we have no Republican running against her. We have a Democrat who has only about two valid points of view different than her.

In SLC I,ll vote Renee Cole for Treasurer because of her vast experience with the county and her ability to get along with the legislature.. VanHouse is a hand picked (Hooper,
Forsythe).. He will never do anything other than what instructed to do...
This position is an elected position which runs very well under years of Bob McNeil.Ms Cole was made a deputy for the reason she understood the financing and the way of County government. She is running the department very well since Mr Felt left .. Mr VanHouse is constantly telling everyone he is a CPA and has worked with government agencies before..
CPA is something to be proud of and great bragging point but not a standard for this Job. I long have said if its not broken dont fix it.

Anonymous said...

9:42 Your point to Jeff allows him to ask the question. Jeff should stop being so dainty with this Demtard.

Another question needs to ask is why the Democrats demanded another 600 million for Planned Parenthood and attached it to the Zika funding. Harry Reid and Obama refused three times the house sent to the Senate.

If Addie agrees with the 600 million for Addies pink ribbon killers let her say so. This has been a planned genocide against black babies from the 70's on. How many black American babies have been killed by these white Democratic women.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Addie states that she wouldn't make outlandish claims like Hillary did when she said she was going to "create" 200,000 jobs and Addie's also touts her seven generations of residence in the area, making it clear that an outsider wouldn't know the details of what makes thing tick here yet she supports Hillary who never even lived in NY when she came in and assumed the State senate seat.

Hillary has Addie's full support!!!! Does she not know how foolish she sounds?

She is a dyed in the wool Democrat complete with all the hypocrisy and doublespeak.


Anonymous said...

Get over it Russ Fibley.

Anonymous said...

If she looses the election,she will end up with a job just like Daryl and Deede. Just the way the corrupt system works!

Anonymous said...

10:16, sorry you are uncomfortable with asking her how late is too late to kill a baby. I guess this is like WWII Germany. The decision to gas the Jews has already been made, so let it rest. I get it. You're fine with it. We wish you no discomfort.