Monday, October 10, 2016

Preening Anchors Push the People Aside

   Town hall meetings....A joke.....The people are supposed to ask questions, so why did we need the grandson of Gloria Vanderbilt and a woman who had Barack Obama attend her wedding as moderators ?
    Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz dominated the town hall Presidential debate this evening, with the very sensitive Mr. Cooper attempting to prosecute the case about Mr. Trump abusing women.


Anonymous said...

She is the most embarrassing obvious partisan hack to ever host. Even worse than Candy Crowley. she actually started debating Trump when he asked why we give out our military attack plans ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

We only have to look at who controlled the CONTEXT of this debate. It was fixed before it started in favor of who the hosts of it want for president.
A real balanced debate would have the candidates square off with pro Trump reporters as moderators asking the "questions".
I mean, come on-give balance to who "hosts" the debates and stop acting like they are "fair and balanced" with what questions are asked.
It is disgusting that Donald trump has had to FIGHT major media networks that are supposed to give us information objectively every day. Hundreds of hours of crafted persuasion of voters done by all three major networks to get Hillary elected.
Hillary should be disqualified for both using and permitting unfair tactics in her campaign for President.
But people cannot see what is before their very eyes night after night-the underhanded way the Clinton's have ALWAYS operated.
No one is there to convince us and inform us of what is being done to get her elected....why are major news stories about Trumps language and NOT Hillary's past CHARACTER? Because it is SELECTED as major news by the networks and BECOMES the topic of debates.
This is BALANCED "reporting"?

Anonymous said...

Boy u rubes are cry asses ,. Man up and quit making excuses for your Orange buffoon ,

He came across like a bully , a schmuck and a damn airhead with absolutely NO specifics on anything just like an un prepared student trying to bs his way thru a test . HIs Pinocchio ratings were off the charts again .

The Orange doofus is a disgrace SNiff , Sniff. Whats the sniffing about boys ??? Perhaps He needs to be tested for substance abuse, doesnt seem normal . His health i not good , sniff, sniff, sniff, an obese ,artherosclerotic 70 yr old given to sexual abuse and delusions of grandeur aint a pretty sight .

Oh well , he will soon be in history's dustbin, poetic justice methInks .Then u boys can worry about us coming for your guns , hahahaha

Anonymous said...

12.32 you should have joined team Hill Dog. Just a bunch of shells.

Anonymous said...

12:32; are you that unprepared voter who is trying to bs your way , writing a blog post?