Friday, October 14, 2016

Pence: 'I don't understand the basis' of Michelle Obama's claims - POLITICO

       There's a lot of hyperbole going on out there...Tim Kaine says he was sick to his stomach, and Mrs. Obama says she was shaken to the core.
        Then I was talking about the race with a Democrat this morning who agreed Donald Trump is a bad, bad man....Then when I brought up Bill Clinton, the tone changed and the 68 year old Hillary voter said, "Bill's just a lady's man. They come to him."
        There's a lot of hypocrisy and dichotomies this year.
         I respect the First Lady and the positive family image she and the President have projected for eight years, so I don't want to pile on her remarks in NH yesterday.
         However, all of these people who say they don't know how to talk to their daughters about the Billy Bush tape have got to stop. 
         How did they talk about a stained blue dress, a hooker happy Governor, a sexting Democratic MOC, a groping Assemblyman from Queens, an any day but Saturday adulterer and Speaker of the NYS Assembly, and on and on it goes.
        These people need to stop their phony piety.
Pence: 'I don't understand the basis' of Michelle Obama's claims - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Hypocracy is nothing new in Washington DC and in State governments but is less likely to happen locally or on officals that must be more accountable to government..
This election has turned into a bash Trump even if there is no proof. The media in general has turned against him all because he has capaigned against the establishment.. The establishment must remain at all costs says the media..
Not much can be done about the tone of the election but some fact checking about issues and claims should be done by individuals before finding anyone guilty of anything.
Michele Obama and Barrak Obama have openly done a lot for the gay and transgender communities in this country and have at times been cited and critized for such.. Read some off the net information about Michele Obama and come to your own conclussions as to why a lot of their policies and platforms they pushed wer e enacted into law.

hermit thrush said...

How did they talk about a stained blue dress, a hooker happy Governor, a sexting Democratic MOC, a groping Assemblyman from Queens, an any day but Saturday adulterer and Speaker of the NYS Assembly, and on and on it goes.

it's amazing how poeple like jeff are just incapable getting it. a stained blue dress is nothing like what trump has done. one of these things was a consensual relationship between two adults, and in fact was initiated by the "other" person. that's a world apart from using wealth and power to commit sexual assault with impunity. there's no hypocrisy here at all.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the Skank told the DeGeneres that she felt "stalked" when she was onstage with Trump. Great stuff. Good enough for little mr smith of junkassnews to run a link to it. Always keeping us informed, eh little mr smith?

Anonymous said...

Trump is being tried and convicted by the crooked, bias media and sentenced by the Liberal Democrats.
There is no proof of the claims against him other than an eleven year old recording that given the amount of time it was in the crooked medias hands could very well have been doctored to make it much worse than what it actually was. There is no hard evidence, no blue dress as it were.

The idiots that believe everything that is fed to them by the entertainers that represent themselves as the fourth estate deserve what they are going to end up with, unfortunately the rest of the people as well as the country will go down with them.

I am no fan of Trump but he is the only hope we have against the vile and disgusting Hillary and the Clinton legacy.

Anonymous said...

Obama not Trump is responsible for a 20 TRILLION DOLLAR debt! We will never pay it back! The unaffordable health care act is another money blunder by the 'Bama! His party needs to be changed!

Anonymous said...

That PENCE is a hypocrit who is so compromised in his own ethical lapses by supposedly being a christian who supports a known mysoginist , bigot , bullying ,tax cheat, who disses women, the veteran , the disabled, and who has serial bankruptcies , stuck the tax paying public with his burden as a tax cheat , and who cheated on ALL THREE wives . Sure PENCE has credibility .......just like his Orange topped psycho running mate .

Anonymous said...

Moochelle's memory must be refreshed. Her personal invite to Rick Ross, the rapper wearing his ankle braclet this past April to the WH set off the security alarms.

Remember Moochelle, you should be horrified that he was arrested for assault, and calls his female interests bi##ches and Highty ##s.
Such a good role model he is for young impressionable young ladies and the future baby mamas.

Mooch also sat in Rev.s Wrights pews listening as well as her daughters telling the sheep that Bill & Monica were dirty riding.

She is horrified, horrified of this sexual talk.

dajeep said...

Well I don't respect the first lady, respect is earned, not given. She has done nothing except vacation and talk about overweight kids( good role model).She says she was shaken to the core? Well it wasn't from using any of those shake weights.

Anonymous said...

According to libtard claptrap standards, every single person who has ever had sex with another person, is guilty of sexual assault. After all, we all have sex by reading subtle communications and hopefully getting them right. Only a few have sex by getting permission and paying for it, like client number nine did and probably that is how Hermit has relations too, which explains his stupidity on the subject. (But does not explain his stupidity on virtually every other subject he chimes in on).

At least two of Trumps accusers are totally unbelievable. The liar on the plane being the most obvious liar. She even went as far as to say, when he felt up her skirt above the knee is when he crossed the line. Really? So before that, it was just fine? Or perhaps it wasn't fine, but you didn't object out loud for Trump to hear? Or for all the other passengers and stewardesses to hear and perhaps intervene on your behalf? And you even mention that you are coming forward hoping to effect the election.

Regardless, I don't care if we have to elected a rapist and a murderer, as long as they stand for something I like. Just as claptrap did in 92' and 96'. I want anyone who is smart and honorable enough to NOT have open borders. To NOT import terrorists. To NOT be in the pocket of Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

Mooochelle is Mooochelle. There's no changing an entitled *itch who hates her country. Maybe she can come up here, with her entourage of course, and learn to play golf.

Anonymous said...

Mark my word.. One of these events is about to happen in reality.
1. War in the persian gulf will start. Trump is now being destroyed and wont be voted in or he will be removed by the party. If that happens Clintons protection by Obama ends, and Clinton will be indicted and arrested thus Obama will remain President through arrangements in Congress and the Senate until new canidates are nominated and another campaign will happen and Obama will pass more executive orders.
2. The US will be taken over by overseas countries..

from the spirit world said...

There are no natural laws governing seekers of truth. There are only man-made laws to hide the truth and promote the lies. Hillary and Michelle, are you listening? When truth is spoken, the lies of those that have hate in them, get louder and louder.

Anonymous said...

Positive family image??? Are you serious? It's been one thing after another from these buffoons, talking like idiots and dividing the country! From the "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country" to "you didn't build that" to the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" to the Travon is my like son skipping school and smoking pot to inviting gangbangers to my White House to bowing to foreign leaders and taking away my health insurance they said I could keep.

Anonymous said...

So sick of everyone claiming they're sick from Trump's comment from years ago.


How did Michelle Obama explain to her younger daughter the picture of her oldest daughter smoking a joint and attending a beer party while underage?

Anonymous said...

Trump is done , get over it losers !!!

Anonymous said...

4:47, the libtards will explain the dirty Obama children away by saying smoking pot and drinking is what all teenagers do and that little Moochelle Jr. was just being a kid and "fitting in".

But the fact is that over 60% of teenagers have NEVER TRIED POT. The media and litards want you to think otherwise because they are such terrible parents and they want you to believe all kids are as f@#$ed up as their kids are. Its simply not the case.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Pence is dense ... go ask IN citizens - they will confirm.

Anonymous said...

Pence is despised in Indiana , we have family in South Bend , sucessful professionals who have seen Pence's shortcomings there for some time . Hoosiers are delighted to be rid of him . His brand is now trashed from being aligned with the lil donnie .