Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paul Ryan's SOS (Save Our Seat) Strategy a Loser for GOP and for America: New NBC-WSJ poll

          Speaker Paul Ryan has a tummy ache...He is "sickened" over the Billy Bush tape from eleven years ago and is cutting Donald Trump loose....He never helped him to begin with.
      In his strategy to "save our seats", Mr. Ryan is voluntarily giving up three SCOTUS nominations and acquiescing in the election of a woman who favors single payer, favors open borders and favors a free trade caliphate that will suck more jobs out of America.
     As radio sage Laura Ingraham pointed out this morning, Democrats hold ranks behind a candidate they likely have qualms about, because they want to win.
     Ms. Ingraham says while Democrats crave power, Republicans like to pontificate.
      So true.
      The Billy Bush tape shows a side of Mr Trump we don't like, but we as humans know all of us are judged in their totality.
       Oh, he's a bar owner who allowed frontal nudity but he also negotiated a sales tax deal that netted taxpayers millions when the prim and proper were willing to roll over. When the same person became an apologist for said system, he was rightly ousted.
      When you aim to save your own butt at the expense of the team, the team loses and America loses.
Dems gain advantage in congressional races, threatening GOP majority: New NBC-WSJ poll


Middle-Class Mike said...

So True Mayor Graham, and the irony is on @Morning_Joe today, Joe Scarborough called this NBC/WSJ Poll the most half-baked Poll they've ever put out to the Public!

Prediction: Over next 2 days Post Debate Polling will show it's still a 3 pt. race and within the margin of error.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Laura Ingram is one hundred percent correct. And her statement is true about Democrats.. They stand together but sometimes too much it looks like hypocratcy...
They have been buzzing about a scandleous 11 year old tape about Donald Trump, and want an apology and want Republicans to vow not to support Trump. On the other hand Democrats worship Wm Clinton who actually performed these lude acts on many women for years even when in office.. He lied like his Wife to protect his legacy same as Obama yet hes bowed to by the rank and file.. He is going to have a part in her administration yet his admired and worshiped by democrats... Hypocrites.

hermit thrush said...

Speaker Paul Ryan has a tummy ache...He is "sickened" over the Billy Bush tape

i guess according to jeff sexual assault is just not a big deal at all.

NY21inMD said...

The Presidential election is over. And it very well could be a landslide. Republicans will most likely lose the Senate and, after last week's events, may lose the House. Paul Ryan, the well-respected but miscast Speaker of the House, understandably is trying to keep it in Republican hands as a counter to the coming Clinton administration. The finger pointing and blame game for the upcoming electoral disaster has already begun. It's hard to say if there is even a party left as it's not clear what it stands for except opposing Hillary Clinton.

I say the seeds of destruction in the party were planted a couple decades ago when conservative talk radio set the agenda for the party and gave rise to populist movements like the Tea Party and Trumpism. And feckless Republican leaders, instead of tempering this anti-government, anti-establishment anger into a positive policy agenda, encouraged it in a belief it would carry them to political dominance over a growing multicultural, progressive society.

Change is inevitable. The future Republican Party needs to present policies that recognize the changes in our society while promoting the traditional values of individual initiative and personal responsibility. Limited government does not mean anti-government. Many minority groups such as Hispanics and woman, are receptive to the ideas of free enterprise. If the Republican Party doesn't rehabilitate itself, what's next?

Anonymous said...

Spot on opinion Mayor Graham and you relate to it very well. You got rid of the air port too. And got Mercy torn down. Was that you who got rid of parking meters? If so, add it to the list of great work you did for the city, even though you are not wholesome enough to be deserving of the office.

Anonymous said...

9:34 Personally not only are they hypocrites they are POS.

When are the REpub. ever going to learn, stop playing the high road, the only way we are ever going to beat these POS is playing them at their own game, in the gutter.

That is the way Trump became successful, and I strongly feel that his moral compass is a tad higher than these liars.

POS, that is what they are.

Anonymous said...

9:53 Why you hypocrite. Bill Clinton sexually assaulted how many women going as far back as his AG of that little ole southern state he came from.

That is sexual assault. When have words come to mean the actual act of sexual assault. How many times have you in your life have you and your spouse engaged in play acting talking in a manner that is now considered sexual assault.

Look no further than to the current VP Biden the dirtiest old man 2nd to Bill Clinton.

Can he keep his hands to himself.

Pigs both of them and if you can't call them out than join the pigpen.

Anonymous said...

Per this poll 67% Republicans say they still support him as the nominee as it should be.

Why is everyone "sickened" this is how the hollywood elites view their pieces of meat females they prey on and can't forget the sports club mentality trash talking boys.

Hey even Huma's husband never view this type of trash talk as sexual assault. If so wouldn't Huma have divested her sexual depraved husband years back.

Nope, she used him and his sexual organ anyway she wished up and until it was leaked and he was sexually exploiting minors.

Anonymous said...

Not a day goes by that bird brain doesn't set a new record for stupidly in this forum. Today, out of the blue, he "guesses" that Jeff Graham thinks sexual assault is not big deal. Disregarding that Trump never committed sexual assault, while Hillary spent much effort villainizing sexual assault victims, it is safer to guess that Hermit Thrush is the one who thinks sexual assault is no big deal.

But for those of us who are not incurably stupid, like our beloved resident bird brain is, there is another way to look at this. An intelligent way. A way where, even if words about sexual assault gives you a tummy ache, you can prioritize that the policy that Trump supporters is waaaay less evil than the policy that Clinton supports. Therefore Trumps derseveers the support of all thnking voters.

Anonymous said...

i think the most disappointing part of trump is his unwillingness to be a party player. that's all he had to do to defeat the pantsuit criminal. ryan could have helped this egomaniac win. they all could have. that's the goal, is it not...which brings me to my next point. i can't believe i am about to go conspiracy theory here, but there is no way a man that has had the life experience of the don is this friggin stupid. i think it's all part of the act. he will get his next reality tv show. he will build again in mexico. he is playing everyone for a fool. he has no interest in the presidency. if he really does, this is the dumbest billionaire in the history of the planet.

Anonymous said...

Every time I open the comment section of this blog I instantly regret it. Stay classy Watertown.

Anonymous said...

The SCOTUS nominations are Hillary's. The best strategy is to try to hold the Senate to try to force somewhat more moderate nominees than will happen with a Dem Senate. Wake up and small the coffee. Trump is wrecking America's future by making it all about his huge ego.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah, yada yada yada , Landslide on the way , Gop dinosaurs heading for the boneyard , and they did. It to themselves , the party of no is going to be told a resounding NO in 28 days .. Its all over !!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how many of these so called women role models have slept their way up to the top.

Joy Beher yesterday to called those women that Bill Clinton slept with TRAMPS.

Of course she had to apologize and acknowledge today that these women sexual assault survivors.

Hermit, wasn't that a sexual assault that occurred yesterday out of the mouth of Libtard over the hill Behar. Joy get another botox injection or fanny pull. She needs all the help she can get, she ain't that attractive.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Psst: Bill Clinton is not on any ballot and is not running for any office - dumpster time..!!!

Anonymous said...

Danny, setting aside the fact that Hillary played a roll in Bill's sexual harassment, do you recall when Hillary said she would put her husband in charge of the economy if she wins the White House?

Do you remember the two-for-one campaigns they touted? that is right, they said if you vote for Bill you get two for one because you get Hillary too. We don't need to assume that two for one deal will be reciprocated because she has promised it will be.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

SOS - nope SOA (Save Our Asses) - more apt.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah , blah , stick a fork in it . TRUMP is done !