Monday, October 17, 2016

NYDN: Shelly Back....But Just Till November 8

    Deposed Speaker Sheldon Silver has always been a scary visage to air in many upstate districts. Silver embodies the downstate, ethnic look upstate apple knockers disdain.
    Mr. Silver is being used in commercials all over, including, of course, the John Byrne spots being aired in his bid to unseat Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
    A grainy black and white of Silver is unsettling and locally there is the added bonus of Ms. Russell defending Mr. Silver at the time of his arrest.
     The downstate boogie man has always been in the GOP tool box upstate. Dems are not using Dean Skelos image so far as we know.


dajeep said...

Oh, My. The downstate ethnic look. I used the ethnic word once on a Buffalo area news station and got an e-mail with a stern warning that this will not be tolerated. Those damn millennial wannabe journalists think the "E" word is now taboo. But I agree with you. The one shot of him you used many times, looks like a snake slithering along, looking for a rock to crawl under.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think there is any real rage about any issue about Sheldon Silver... Not a chance. At most a few desperate politicans like Byrne use this issue but it has little if any support and will gain him no votes. Pattie Ritchie supported and took money from Skelos and Liboes but has not even been openly critized for her support for these two felons.

Anonymous said...

Byrne, do an ad, Little Carl now Addie's mentor is fighting Cuomo of all people for pay raises. Now Andy is saying we have to tie those raises to ethics reform for the $117,00 annual salary. What they are
really going fr is $130,000 to beef up their pensions.

NYS labeled the most corrupt State in America with the worst AG as mentioned in WSJ believe they are doing us a favor by being in office.

Run the ads, 24/7 first with Addie and Shelly and then Addie/Little Carl when he came out for his conversation term.

Addie needs to go.