Saturday, October 8, 2016

Now It's a Stern Interview the MSM is Crazed Over -

    It's a full court press by the two hostile networks as now a Howard Stern interview is being touted and all sorts of GOP establishment people bitter over Donald Trump's success are calling for him to resign the candidacy.   It was crazy all day on cable, but Mr. Trump says he is staying in and is headed to St. Louis tomorrow for the debate.
     Who knows what his state of mind will be.
      All of this is nothing new but this seems the chance to finish off Trump who has infuriated the media and the party bosses.
        As for Stern, he has a way of annoying the exceedingly pompous and pious as I know well. In recent years he's come to be considered less shocking.
        The good news is if you don't watch cable news it was just a rainy Saturday.
Donald Trump's decades-long history of misogynistic comments and crude sex talk -


hermit thrush said...

just keep shooting the messenger, jeff. no doubt that's a winning way to play it.

Anonymous said...

Didnt you send a city mug to Stern a rew years ago Jeff? He'd be crushed to hear you speak negatively of him.

Anonymous said...

The media "Jackals" have long since stopped reporting and now they comment on the news stories they should be reporting. They have become spokes persons for their radio, TV and print companies - JUST REPORT AND WE THE READERS AND LISTENERS WILL DIGEST THE STORY AND COMMENT FOR OURSELVES!