Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nobody Wants to End Suffrage

     Polls have been clear....Donald Trump leads among male voters and Hillary Clinton among women. So what "
    Well a mere statement that if only men were voting , Trump would win is factual and also a chance to start a new outrage....A contention that Mr. Trump's side wants to repeal the Nineteenth Amendment leaving all those suburban white women near Philadelphia and other women without the vote.
     Of course that's not going to happen, nor is there any reason to think anyone wants it to.
     The only amendment ever repealed by subsequent amendment is the Eighteenth.
      If any other rights are to be lost, it will be through judicial activism and a left leaning Supreme Court and not through the cumbersome process of amendment.


Anonymous said...

You can't speak for all of us. I want to end women voting. Or at least I to, until I consider that doing that would still allow men who live on golf courses to vote.

What we really need to do is let congress elect the president. Look at how few voters are actually selecting the president by registering in one of two parties and voting in the primaries. Its sickening and certainly not democratic. And of course the voter fraud committed by the democrats is another reason not to have a genial election for president.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder sometimes. With a $20Trillion dollar debt, an ineffective education system, healthcare in trouble with ObamaCare, Dannie's Russians on the loose, destroyed evidence and emails, bribery and pay to play, our ladies are more interested in mined stories of inappropriate touching, or accusations of such. I have no problem with women voting. Welcome. But maybe we should limit the people who demand the right to wear their hats on backwards and play softball incessantly. That would include the both genders, even the golf course heroes, per se.

Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before some moron actually agreed with ending women voting.

Congrats, 11:32. You nabbed top moron spot on the blog. Again.

Anonymous said...

3:25, I am not a moron. I'm just like the founding old fashioned polymath.

But explain something to me mister idiot. Since women voting, will eventually lead to the destruction of society and our country, is that price tag worth it to you so long as you adhere to your prime directive?

But lets be clear, you don't really care about everyone voting, and that's why your type firebombed the Republican headquarters in NC. And you don't care that everyone's vote is diluted by illegal donkey votes either. You only care about equality when you are fighting to make some perceived minority more equal than the rest of us. Your morality is senseless and moronic.

Anonymous said...

8:02, maybe you would like to stand by the voting booths and vote for everyone you don't deem worthy of voting. Who the hell made you superior to anyone?

Pretty sure our founding fathers didn't have someone of "your type" in mind. There are still communist countries out there if you're not happy living in a country that allows the same rights for all.

Anonymous said...

802 you just make me want to puke with your outdated rhetoric and ignorant statements. I have news for you sir. Women are a valuable part of our economy and our society, and our nation and economy have prospered because of it. The standard of living in the US expanded rapidly once women entered the workforce, and women in business have helped to give a broad and expanding advantage in the world marketplace. Oh yeah, you wouldn't have won WW2 without them either!!!!

Almost time to drag your woman back to the cave isn't it.... IDIOT>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

So, 8:02, if you are married, how does your wife feel about your opinion on women voting? Or haven't you been brave enough to run it by her?