Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moderator a Star By Not Being a Star | Daily Mail Online

           It was night and day between the combative, I-want-to-be-a-participant Lester Holt of NBC and the polite, understated and studious Elaina Quijano of CBS as she facilitated and moderated last night's VP debate.
          Ms. Quijano had good questions that were tied to issues and not just gotcha questions designed for the next-day sound bite.
           My take away from the debate is that Senator Tim Kaine was loaded with cutesy one liners and was determined to discredit Donald Trump to the exclusion of issues.
           Also, the Senator had his moments but does not come across as commander in chief material and his light profile buttresses what we saw Labor Day when he sat behind Mrs Clinton and giggled during his infamous coughing fit.
               Governor Mike Pence didn't take the bait last night and didn't argue about specific things the boss has said. He was unflappable and was able to draw on his preparation to appear informed.
               Such things don't change the race, but the base is reassured and Mr. Trump is teed up for Sunday's debate in St. Louis. Obviously he has to perform.
               As for the instant analysis, there was an effort to downplay the Pence performance, but what also hurt Dems was the video from Flint of President Bill Clinton dismissing the ACA as the "craziest thing he's ever seen."
       Sunday we get Anderson Cooper...He will definitely want to be the center of attention.
Vice President debate moderator under fire for cutting off Pence during Hillary email attack | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

One would wonder what will be pulled Sunday by Anderson Cooper of CNN. He will attempt to make Trump a villian and will most certainly ask Clinton per-given questions..

Anonymous said...

Actually this debate was STULTIFYINGLY boring . It was same old talking points and denials by BOTH . PEnce came across as wooden and inflexibile , Kaine came across as a the king of nasty zingers using Trumps own statements which Pence ( who supposedly is a devout Christian.) refused to acknowledge as truth ...WHEN in fact tape of these statementss VERIFIES that Trump Did in fact say each of them .

BOTTOM LINE : Red meat for their respective bases , certainly NOT a game changer . That said EITHER One of these guys is FAR superior than the the TOP of their respective tickets

Anonymous said...

Billy Clinton is turning into Billy Carter..

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is a Dannie. He will do his job as his owners have directed.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I can't wait to hear the Trumpettes who park here counter this short video ...

Pence Denies The Truth

... Kaine was maybe too aggressive and rude, that's true; Pence was a wimp and could not support or defend or justify Donald J Trump own words or his own words for that matter...

Thank goodness for video.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you find Kaine not to be presidential timber, but think the Donald is. Helloo!

Anonymous said...

I saw Pence this morning on the CBS Morning Show. He held his ground and his composure with the Liberal media attack dogs and stayed on point with his messages.

I was impressed, he should be in the top spot for the GOP.
If he is indicative of who the rest of the people Trump will have on his staff our leadership will be in very capable hands.

Anonymous said...

Where. Is this Christian hypocrite on ORANGE TOPS LATEST DEGRADATION OF WOMEN ,released yesterday.Tell me how upright. This jerk is ,how upstanding.