Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Milley: Quick War Will Settle Scores in the Future

    A lethal and fast moving war between nation states is the future, according to a former Fort Drum commander now the Army's Chief of Staff
    General Mark Milley sees a China or Russia launching such a conflict and traditional US superiority in the air and on the seas will mean nothing.


Anonymous said...

Translation from military speak : let us suck more money out of your pockets to enrich our military industrial complex buddies and spend foolishly to continue to give you a false sense of security .

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Seems the General means "nuke warfare" fast, quick, dirty and deady.

That scenario plays right into the philosophical hands of Donald J. and Mike Pee ... which is: "give nukes to everyone who wants them, hell why not?" Then their theme song is: Here a nuke, there a nuke, everywhere a nuke, nuke.

That's the ticket - a ticket straight to eternal Hell.

A lot of people work hard to rid the planet of nukes and yet others "what anyone who wants one to have one."

Wait, maybe an additional arms sales project and thus "more jobs" right ... that's always a top seller for prospective candidates for Congress.

Cynical you say; no, not one bit and not any more than the assholes advocating nukes for anyone with their "get 'em while they're hot, even a 2-for-1 sale...!!!"

Ray said...

Yes they have told us we would die for years in a flash of light. But it never comes. Not that I hope for it. I just think it has always been a good scam on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, you're such a puke. Most of the arms sales have been connected with your Skank's bribery program. They pay, she approves. As far as the nuke nuke joke, I'm just glad you were King of Korea and all, but not in charge of any nuke nukes. They're pretty strict about that kinda stuff. I think they want people who had a science class or two. No education types.