Thursday, October 6, 2016

Media Supporters Urge Hillary to Get Errant Hubby Off The Trail

    Comments like the "horrible legacy of the past eight years" or the ACA "is the craziest thing I have ever seen"  prompted calls on Morning Joe today for President Bill Clinton to be taken off the trail before he damages too much the candidacy of his wife by continuiing to offend President Obama and his legacy.
    Panelists like Donny Deutsch said Mr. Clinton looks physically weak and buttresses the notion that a Hillary Clinton term is just a redux of the past thirty years.
     Whether he is taken off the trail and sent to an undisclosed location is doubtful but the former POTUS is billed as a participant in a Hillary Clinton White House.


Anonymous said...

He looks and sounds old, tired, frail and his wife.

But Bill has somethings going for him that no other democrat has. He is smart, very likable and practical.

No matter how charming you think Obama is, he ain't that bright and he offends the most people that any president has ever offended. Every president in history has had a higher approval rating at some time during their term, than Obama has had at his highest. Perhaps because all republicans are racists, perhaps maybe just maybe, there is another explanation staring us in the face.

Bill is smart as a whip. He was a true Rhodes scholar. Or at least was approved for the program. Not because of affirmative action but because he earned it, with grades that were earned before grade inflation and affirmative action.

And his best trait is that he is practical. When Newt neutered him, instead of fighting it with all his might, he got on board and took credit for all the great things Newt made him do. From almost balancing the budget, to welfare reform, Billy got credit.

dajeep said...

Heck. let Billy Bob Bushwacker cover as many states as he can in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, puhleeze Jeff! It. Is. Over.
It was over BEFORE Hillary announced!

Jeez Louise...

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton can read the public mood and capitalize on it like no other politician in my lifetime. If he were a salesman, he could sell you something at twice what it was worth and convince you were getting great bargain. His isn't called Slick for nothing.

Wonder what Broom Hilda did to piss him off???????? (chuckle)

Anonymous said...

Jeff that is OLD news Bill always strays off the reservation .Just doesn't matter to most .

BUT make no mistake Hilly will be the next president in a landslide blowout of epic proportions .