Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is There a Common Consciousness Between Brooklyn and the Fourth Estate ?

      I guess it's good they at least cover the race, but stories like this one stretch credulity when it speaks about how Rep. Stefanik's foreign policy cred is damaged by her support of Donald Trump.
     Everyone knows supporting Trump is not a set of proposals, its a hope for change...for shaking up the status quo, but the continued media contempt for Trump and by extension anyone who supports him over Hillary Clinton is so obvious.
     Read some of the WikiLeaks and see how top national reporters are coordinating with top Clinton campaign officials.
    It's enough to make you think the press is colluding and crooked.
     Oh here's another example of NCPRs  preoccupation with electing Democrat Mike Derrick.


Anonymous said...

There is something about Derrick I don't trust.I know you aren't supposed to judge people based purely on looks alone,but there is just something about his face,he just bothers me for some reason.Anybody else notice that?

Anonymous said...

More obvious that Mann is in the Can for anyone dead or alive to run against Stefanik.

So he had his piece yesterday, by reading one of your post yesterday and now another today.

Wish Mann would focus on Clinton's rapist husband, her part in hiring detectives to destroy Bill's former intrigues and what has been done to silence these sexual assault victims. Does it not bother Mann hearing that poor women that was raped when she was 12 years old and having to relive this all these years later and to hear the laughter of Hillary's role in getting the rapist off.

Sad Mann chooses to ignore a major issue that these females have to endure in the Democratic party and chooses to promote a media made crisis.

Who the frig cares at this point what this small town NPR employee has to say. People like he and Teachout really believe the Average middleclass people are stupid. She keeps reminding us with each of her commericals. Elitist liberalism on full display.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of our state run media, and the egghead libtard "experts" they trot out, whenever they talk about foreign policy. Anyone who is paying attention can see that US foreign policy would be just as good if decisions were made by flipping a coin. And that goes back to RR, JC, RN,Johnson, name the administration and they all did something dumber foreign policy wise, than if Trump were in charge.

We just put hope and change Einstein in charge for 8 years and the entire world is worse off than it has been in 200 years.

You are wrong about Trump not standing for proposals. He won because he supports being smarter and more strict on immigration. Bush sank his own candidacy when he said that many illegal immigrants invade our country out of an act of love. Of course the MSN had their hand in editing the statement before disseminating it, in order to sink the guy. But still...immigration is the one policy that both sides of the isle are in favor of clamping down on. Trump is the only one who presented himself as being willing to do so.

Anonymous said...

I am a life-long Democrat but that has never stopped me from voting for the best person for the job (No matter what their party). I have never toted the party line and this election will be no different. Elise has done an outstanding job for the people of NNY and we are very lucky to have her representing us. Her support for Trump is unfortunate but this is not enough to convince me to throw her out. She is doing a very good job and I sincerely hope that she is returned to office.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"NCPR 'Bum Raps' Rep. Stefanik for supporting Donald J. Trump"

Rep. Stefanik has no business being criticized by Democrats who are voting for former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton: her record as Secretary includes abandoning 'ARAB SPRING' & siding with Dictators, & the Iranian Deal. Hillary re-funded a desperate Iran, (Than on Sanctions) who was then able to support their Military Establishment, and the QUD forces -- who expropriate TERRORISM.

At least Trump says we'll let Iran kill ISIS rebels, because that's in our interest.. Hillary was on board with the red line drawn in Syria, but gas attacks continue & Chaos reigns there. NEED I GO ON ABOUT HILLARY"S INEPTFOREIGN POLICY INITIATIVES? OKAY, lets mention Benghazi, EGYPT, LYBIA, ISIL (IN @# Countries and counting!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

7:33 Agree, he is creepy looking.

Anonymous said...

What a sick F### Hillary's campaign mgr. Podesta is. Back in 2011 he was plotting ways to infiltrate the Catholic church and have a Catholic Spring to take the entire religion down to it's knees.

Hillary's Spokesperson Palemeri leaked emails demonstrate she or the campaign were going after those rich Evangelicals all the while setting up the Bernie supporters making them believe they got something.

Sick, sick, sick including local boy Mann that just hasn't grown up.

Man up Mann.

Stefanik, cut off the GD funding to this organization and force Mann to have to get a real job.