Friday, October 14, 2016

Insiders: NY21 Race...Stick a Fork In It...It's Done

     The NY21 race has sort of dropped off the radar here in the western half of the district, as those who do follow things see the race a lock for Rep. Elise Stefanik as her Democratic opponent has just not found traction.
       The only issue is the lefty media attempting to fluster Ms. Stefanik over the Trump candidacy and that fell flat yesterday when virtually no one showed for a planned protest at Rep. Stefanik's Glens Falls office.
        There are no public polls but there is confidence on the GOP side of this race  and the Stefanik TV spots even highlight the Green candidate as the true progressive, thus relegating Democrat Mike Derrick as the also ran.
      For their part, the Derrick campaign tells the Post Star that Ms. Stefanik is in panic mode and that's why she promoted Mr. Funiciello in a spot.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...everyone knew that before the race began. Like we said last year, the only person who MIGHT have been able to beat her would be if Obama came back here and ran against her. Of course, it helps that the last two dems to run, are so weak they would have lost to a Doheny or a Hoffman.

Anonymous said...

Derrick? Never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

They used him lock stock and barrel. Maybe he will feel better about himself when he realizes that he was conned by the good ole gals of the Democrat party. He is now radioactive and at such a young age.

When both the candidate and his misses have the time to reflect they can define that one moment when it all when due south. I think it was when they stood silently by when LaBaff called Stefanik a cow.

Byrne you need to put out a flyer with Addie's jolly face, calling Rep. Stefanik a cow. It is highly probable Addie was there at the opening event. Just the fact that she relies on support from members of her party that call Rep. Stefanik a cow and not her needs answering.

Oh Happy Days.

Anonymous said...

The ad is brilliant, making fun of both Derrick but the entire party.

Her opponent is boo hooing. Harvard, Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Says something when retired military is shunned by the military echelon in this district.

Biggest mistake is when he endorsed Obama's illegal secret treaty with Iran and then being quite after the fact when info became public on the ransom of 1.5 billion in cash on the pallet. Not to mention Kerry admitted that this money could be used by the Iranian state regime to fund further hostiles acts against America and our military personnel.

Bad bad bad bad choice Mr. Derrick. Spinless.

Look no further than what happened in Yemen yesterday.

Derrick is just as weak and spinless as Obama.

Anonymous said...

I figure Derrick will get one vote, from the guy who served as King of Korea while running their motor pool.

Anonymous said...

1:17, Stefanik is a Harvard grad.. Keep your uninformed comments coming!

Anonymous said...

Derrik is certainly an Obama fan but Obama has done nothing to help him.. Hes out helping the person he failed to put in prison certainly because by doing so he would put himself there also..