Monday, October 10, 2016

How Could Trump Controversy Affect Local Races? | WWNY TV 7

   The Trump tape that the media is so captivated with has prompted a commercial from Democrat Michael Derrick demanding...demanding I tell you....that Rep. Elise Stefanik withdraw her tepid support for the billionaire.

    What does that even mean ?   Nobody cares about whether someone in office "endorses" someone else and Mr. Derrick might want to consider his apparent support for a candidate who wants open borders and favors hemispheric free trade that will accelerate the decline of American jobs.

      But as long as cub reporters think they are doing reporting by demanding candidates rescind support due to the latest outrage, this folly will continue.

How Could Trump Controversy Affect Local Races? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Really,when generals,like him,colonels,all the high up guys in the military,have sex scandals all the time? Hope his skirts are starched nice and clean,or he may be next on the chopping block.

Anonymous said...

You are so learned Jeff. It is a shame you are not still involved in journalism.

Anonymous said...

It is clear WWNY has some grind with Elise and they prove by staying focused on this stupid issue on who she supports while not pressing her opponent. I could care less who she supports, who Scotty supports (even though he doesn't vote) or who John Moore supports. Who they support is their business that is why voting booths are private. I vote for a person in a campaign because I want to not because someone says to or supports a candidate. Get over it already. They are apparently still angered because she supposedly walked away from their reporter once and for that I say bravo. She doesn't answer to their agenda she answers to the public.

Anonymous said...

The skank will be our version of Stalin. With this decision, no values will matter. Before long the Constitution will be a distant memory. Abortion will be fine till the age of 10. Working will be stupid. Our standard of living will descend even more rapidly. The failure of ObamaCare is only the beginning of the decay or our healthcare system. Russia will retake Latvia, Lithuania, the rest of the Baltics, and their influence will reach back to control Poland, the Czech Republic. Muslim fanatics will now be imported in numbers never imagined, and all to vote Democrat, the only party that will exist. No credible opposition will be possible, as just in Nazi Germany, media will remain of one voice. Anyone with the nerve to oppose the Skank will be ridiculed and marginalized. That process is already well underway. Taxes will increased to pay for vote/support purchasing. But worst of all, the elites will run our lives as never before. The Democrat party has made a living telling minorities they are the ones that care, yet minorities will see a continuing decay of their status. They were perhaps the dumbest Americans of all. But who cares. LBJ and the Robert Byrd KKK were right. They have "those n*****s voting Democrat for years". It worked. I have lived during a time when individual rights and freedoms were paramount. I will forever be grateful that his was the case.

Anonymous said...

12:41 Stefanik needs to level him. Mr. Holier than thou better get off his golden toilet, shine that everyone gets a medal for effort and stick it where the sun don't shine. He is nobody's hero, that's for sure.

Hillary's leaked emails from Wiki indicate the utter disdain that her National adviser Podesta and the Hilldabeast have for minority groups like Blacks and Muslims. They have classified the blacks and Muslims that are incapable of bringing themselves up to any higher economic level.

Why the media chooses to ignore this very important leak is beyond the pale when Hildabeast pranced around that stage with her mic having her conversations about how she wants to help and needs the help of all Americans especially the Muslims to better our lives. the beast just sat there when Trump stated that she was going to let in 500% plus of refugees without the proper vetted screening. What does she say, we haven't done our part.

Who cares about his demand for disavowing Trump, does he not understand the United States is at war!

What difference does it make and take your phony outrage about the treatment of women and stick that one too.

We can add Beam Me Up Scotty to that phony pile of liberal trash as well.

Anonymous said...

Stefanik is doing a good job, I see no reason to change.