Tuesday, October 11, 2016

For Hillary Clinton, Just Biding Her Time Till She is President Elect

   With the election increasingly being conceded by many to be over, a final siege of Trump is being laid as media attempts to get hold of any tape that will further embarass the embattled GOP candidate.
     Like the crippled Bismarck, the Trump campaign continues to fire away absorbing countless rounds as it readies to slip into the murky deep in four weeks.
    The end doesn't seem in doubt as major media run a stead drumbeat of news stories and op/eds taking him down.
     Meanwhile, speaking in Pittsburgh yesterday, Mr. Trump vowed more exposure of the Clintons if more video of him is released.
     Efforts to access out takes from The Apprentice have been rebuffed, but someone need only transfer a file to the WaPo and it's off and running.
     Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is being declared winner of Sunday's debate despite Mr. Trump's aggressive performance and the one remaining debate holds little significance.
     Ratings for Sunday were down, as the public seems to be losing interest in the comical and seemingly over race for the White House.
      For Mrs. Clinton, best to play it safe and let others vie to fire the last round into the listing Trump ship. Mrs. Clinton will come out of this diminished as well, but still afloat.


Anonymous said...

Wiki Leaks for all your bloggers and facebook users, (morons) the Chief Ex. Officer of Facebook Sandberg shared with the Clinton Campaign Cheryl Mills facebook data to assist with Hillary's campaign.

Sandberg is being considered for a Cabinet position for the Shank

Read and weep in the Daily Caller.

All you suckers out there keep signing those confidentiality agreements with Facebook and Microsoft. They are all being passed on to Hillary's campaign.

Thank you Wikileak

Talk about a class action lawsuit that could be brought against Hillary Clinton and Facebook.

Anonymous said...

James O'Keefe promises audio today revealing Hillary disparaging Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dems. Feeling any dirtier yet?

Leaked Wikileak yesterday that the news is not reporting.

'FYI' From Brazile then Vice DNC Chair now DNC Chair passed on emails from poor stupid Bernie Sanders campaign to Clinton's campaign.

Just in case you wish to be better educated you Dems. Brazile worked for Billybob's administration and then the Clinton Foundation and now replaces Wasserman-Schultz but yet she was not removed becausse these emails never saw daylight.

Poor Bernie, his primary was rigged, by the most honest transparent individuals Clinton and Obama.

And this little distraction of 11 year old video of Trumps doesn't even equate what has been done within the Democratic party to Bernie.


Anonymous said...

All she has to do is hold the ball till the clock runs out.

Anonymous said...

There is still time for Hillary to have a major stroke. Of course, that wouldn't stop the golf course guys from voting for her body, but it may keep a few donkey voters home on voting day.

Anonymous said...

Oh the cryin... Your candidate is a POS. trump is a loser.

Anonymous said...

9:40 I would have thought you would be throwing a 41 year Democrt wedding anniversary for the most loving honest relationship between best friends Bill & Hillary today.

Happy 41st to two of the most freakish twisted sexual predators of the 20th-21st century.

Anonymous said...

Frankly. You got PLAYED Like a fiddle , beat like a drum by your ORANGE TOPPED , TINY HANDED. BIGOTTED IGNORAMUS And you wonder why !!!!!

You danced with devil too long , opposed everything in the last 8 yrs and then when YOU had control of Congress for the last two years managed to get the WORST ratings in decades . Then you sold your souls to the wingnuts , the paranoids , the teabaggers and expect to win With an Orange Topped ASS clown who has no plan , no concept, no game!, who lied about damn near everything and thinks this is a reality tv show . Really ?? seriously ?? You. Believed this fool ??

Anonymous said...

Trump is not the ideal candidate but I just can't seem to fathom how anyone who has any sort of an education and has not lived in a cave for the past 20 years would vote for Clinton.
She is a terrible person and would be an awful learder. She has a way of looking you in the eye while she is sticking a knife through your heart and picking your pocket.

The biggest positive is that Trump is not a politician!

Anonymous said...

No the biggest positive is that TRUMP wil get his comeuppance , a major rejection of epic proportions . HE will lose his brand , his mind and likely be bankrupted again. The sadthing is the GOP was SO STUPID , it riskedit s future on an ASS CLOWN ! Rather than pick someone solid who could have beatedn the worst liked democratic candidate in modern times.

The GOP has impoverishedleadership , no vision andis total disarray .
This landslide defeat will be epic , yet fun to watch the bad rugged egomaniac meltdown ......

Watch all hell break loose with his brand soon .