Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Emails: Current Dem Chair Got Debate Questions from Media and Gave Them to Clinton Campaign

    Among the WikiLeaks revelations are ones that Democratic operatives in the media obtained and leaked to Mrs. Clinton questions to be asked in town hall meetings with her then opponent Bernie Sanders.
      Guess what....any operative who came across or was given questions by friendly media would surely get them back to the campaign.
     The public doesn't care about politicians doing political things.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the dannies don't care about politicians doing illegal things.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Nasty, ugly, mean campaign stuff ... both sides, all candidates engage in it, or their operatives do on their behalf in some sort of hanky panky form with one purpose: to win at any cost.

As long as it's not illegal, well, then that's how the shitty game is played ... not crime/no time.

I certainly do not advocate it and would not stoop that low myself but I have had it used against me ... I recall a women in Plattsburg in the 1992 primary and she said to me that she was glad I had recovered from my heart attack ... trouble is, I never ever had one. That's my point.

It was planted by someone and I had a hard time explaining that to those who thought differently.

That's politics: nasty, ugly and mean. But as I said, if not criminal, then nasty, ugly tactics including shitty emails blasting each other mean little.

When it hits the media, then it possibly matters. That the tactic.

Anonymous said...

Move along folks, that wasn't any wire Hillary had on her person in the first debate!

Anonymous said...

No Dannie, your head is again in a dark place. ONE SIDE was told of the debate questions. The other side was not. Don't give us your usual dishonest puke about how both are doing this. Someday, you're going to develop some sense of political integrity. But we certainly haven't seen any signs of that happening as yet.