Monday, October 17, 2016

Elise Stefanik Holds Wide Lead in GOP Poll

Poll Has Stefanik Cruising to Second Term
In these days of zombies, it never hurts to make extra sure they're dead.
       So, despite polling that shows Elise Stefanik is up by 25, the GOP is throwing an extra half million at crushing the hopes of Mike Derrick, the Colorado Colonel who has raised decent money but has no rationale for why he's running.
       Even this Trump issue is not an issue as he leads Hillary Clinton in the 21st. So much for all the media nonsense on why she should renounce him.
      The extra $500K will go to TV in Albany and Watertown, making the folks at 120 so happy and a little less angry at the candidate walking away from their reporter and refusing to do a debate there.
      Money has a way of smoothing things over.
New York's Elise Stefanik Holds Wide Lead in GOP Poll


Anonymous said...

Scotty A deserves diddly squat for his sexist treatment of our Congresswoman.

Anonymous said...

You getting this yet Dannie, persons like yourself that believes party and they self before county will soundly go down to defeat at the polls. Sounds like they want to crush him to dust.

Now that MOC Stefanic has rebuilt this area solidly GOP she will be amply rewarded when they start issuing new leadership positions. She was never the backbencher Owens turned out to be.

You reap what thy sows.

I voted for her the first time and will gladly do so again.

Well MOC Stefanic

Anonymous said...

Come on Elise, take all that weight and stomp the living crap out of his RIP stone.

Anonymous said...

She has to buy off the good coverage by the media.
You can tell Marry Rain hasn't spent enough with them
Channel 7 is telling us how bad Marry Rain is for pleading out felony assaults that will get more punishment than if they had been convicted... and the victim ain't happy, so Scotty reports on it. What a crooked media.

Don't forget that it is a feather in Stefanikcs cap to set a record for her win.
But if you look at all the republicans who support Hillary this year because they get sick to their stomach over locker room talk, it kind of makes sense that Derrick is working hand in hand with the democrats and the republicans, to get Stefanik elected.

Anonymous said...

If Elise were a lock, you'd think the GOP wouldn't waste the money. Then again, partisan polls are garbage...

Anonymous said...

500,000 unneeded dollars to Stefanik and zero dollars to Trump. Another good reason to vote Trump/Funiciello in November.

Anonymous said...

You getting that 6:05? The gop has such little faith in its own pollin. of NY-21, they're hastily dumping half a mil into ads for Harvard. Lol.

Anonymous said...

We knew that democrats were idiots, that's a given. But even after it was pointed out above, that she is spending the money in order to spike the football AND TO KEEP THE MEDIA FROM TURNING ON HER, the idiots still think its somehow a sign that their guy has a shot. No, your guy doesn't have a shot.

Well, I shouldn't say that, because your guy actually does have a shot. Just like Trump has a shot. If your guy's opponent were to have a massive stroke or if the media starts telling the truth, then your guy has a shot. But there is only a chance of the stroke.

Anonymous said...

7:24 Agree, they are a stupid bunch. Ughhhhhh, what was that close call of 1-2 points Doheny's loss to Owens and saying we have turned purple.

25 points! I don't think so, solid solid deep deep red. This is why it was kept quiet so far for the continued drum roll that the Dems. have a
chance to take back the house with A+ candidates like Derrick, ha. ha. The National GOP duped ole Nancy Pelosi and her pot of money. just flushing down the toilet and money given to the sucker.

With this embarrassing win she will be amply rewarded for a higher seat on a committee of her choosing.

Way to go Harvard.

Anonymous said...

As pointed out above, "she" isn't spending the money 7:24. The GOP is. Duh.
It shows their true internal polling deems Elise's connection with Donnie is troublesome.

Anonymous said...

7:24 & 8:42 He would have had to known this as well as the DCCC for some time since they do their own polling.

I want to know who much of Addie's money wound up in his bank acct. Hope she is there after election day to assist him in paying off his debt. Maybe if we get real lucky she will be worrying about her own sorry rearend.

Moo..... Mooo,.....Mooo says Elsie

Anonymous said...

9:54 Mr. Trump says he has so much money he doesn't need to raise any. 'I'm winning so big, you will get tired and say Mr. President I'm tired of winning so big'

Don't ever forget Mr. Trump has never contributed to any of our NY elected officials other than Guv. Andy Cuomo, Senator Shmuck, Senator Lying Gilly, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, The Clinton Crime Family Foundation, Charlie Rangel, Schneidernman, Spitzer, Paterson.

Nothing to any GOP Congressional Rep. in the last 10-20 years.

Anonymous said...

2:10, Thanks for the distinction without a difference. Her buddy Paul Ryan is spending the money at her bequest and approval. Grow up, everyone knows that the candidate directs the PACS and Super PACs.

Although it is possible that the money was earmarked for her district before she blew the two commies out of the water in the polls, thanks to consterNATE foolishly labeling the district "in play" way back when.