Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Despite Pressure Wiki Still Publishes

     The WikiLeaks organization seems able to release data despite the suspected White House pressure that prompted Ecuador's leftist government to restrict Internet access for Julian Assange who is staying at the country's London embassy.
     An eleventh round of John Podesta emails were released Tuesday and the US State Department has denied pressuring the Quito government.
      The emails have had little effect on the US race but have provided a fascinatnig look into the machinations of politics and provide the prospect for more revelations in the next 20 days.


Anonymous said...

Liberals, Koolaid drinkers, investigators and prosecutors are more concerned with who let the dogs out rather than the fact that there are dogs everywhere you look.

The risk of losing all of their free stuff guides their judgment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the golf course hero/007 trained King of Korea will show up in any of the emails. Stuff like yessa yessa, I do that. I say that. Love you my party owners. I'm sure it's there, per se.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The only lesson here is not the inner makings of any campaign hacked and exposed ... it's the criminal act of hacking into personal emails (gmail account in this case of Podesta) ... not official stuff/not critical stuff, but red meat for the media and opposition campaigns ... watch what you email unless you can stand by it and justify and defend your own words ... nothing is safe or secure these days for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure Danny. I bet that was your response when Romney was illegally recorded saying the 47% too.