Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Debate: Pence Wins

       I watched the debate at Bistro 108 on Court Street and the consensus was Governor Michael Pence carried the day against Senator Tim Kaine, who spent much of the evening making faces and interrupting the Governor.
       However, a panic descended on MSNBC as they contorted to find ways to claim Senator Kaine won....Even on FOX, the Megyn Kelly crowd was fighting the notion of a Pence win.
     For those who watched the results are obvious, but if you depend on much of the MSM for an account of the event, watch out.
     Governor Pence did what Donald Trump largely did not last week.


Anonymous said...

Betcha Dannie has already gotten his lying orders from Donkey Central. If media remains dishonest, and they will, what difference does debate make?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't really matter what the 2nd in line says. Votes don't change based on VP debates. Two more presidential debates will quickly make the VP debate forgotten.

NY21inMD said...

Sorry Mayor. Mike Pence failed to defend Donald Trump against Tim Kaine's clear claims that Trump is a misogynistic, xenophobic, self-serving buffoon and a danger to America's standing and security in the world. Pence, however, was calm and cool dodging the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

As if this 'debate' changes the inevitable Skankboy... lol

Anonymous said...

Stultifyingly boring , Pence is wooden and without veracity as he failed to acknowledge that ORANGE top uttered each of those invectives . BOth just catered to their bases and added some red meat . No votes will swing based on this yawner of a discussion , nothing but talking points from BOTH ........yawn .

Anonymous said...

Every online poll has Kaine winning the debate. Boy, it's great to use the Donald's method of after debate polling.

Anonymous said...

You are right that Pence acted presidential and Kaine came off as a crass brat unbefitting of the office.

But the moderator was a failure and allowed Kaine to interrupt and lambast Trump with every insult under the sun. Most of the insults were untrue or had mitigating circumstances. But not everyone in the audience knows that.

For instance, Trump only insulted McCain, after McCain had called Trump's supporters names And McCain did that out of the blue. At least Hillary only called half of us names. And she had a reason to, as we are trying to defeat her. The audience that is not decided, does not know this. Pence did not have to defend every stupid accusation, but he should have picked one or two and set the record straight.

But on the other hand, every time the media tried to run with these false accusation against Trump, Trump's polling went up. So don't be too sure that the audience sympathized with a man who says his wife is too delicate to hear the words that Trump used, as he hurled insult after insult against Trump.

But all Kaine has is negatives. They didn't buy into the positive things he spun for Hillary. They know that OBL's death did nothing to curtail terrorism, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Crawl back under that desk, NY21. Anyone who watched the debate saw that your claims are garbage. Why don't you stand up and stretch your legs a bit.

hermit thrush said...

no doubt that pence did well on style. but on substance, he either refused to defend trump to make himself look good, or he brazenly/stupidly lied that trump hadn't said the things he's said.

NY21inMD said...

Donald Trump was clearly the biggest loser in last night's debate. Mike Pence did well on style points but could not, or would not, defend Trump. This Presidential election is all but over, while the Senate is still a toss-up. To his credit, Pence is well-positioned for the bloodletting to come in the Republican Party after this election.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Win, lose, or draw ... depends on where you sit or stand as it were.

A good summary from John Harwood at CNBC, I thought is worth pondering:

"Pence took an interesting approach to his running mate, Donald Trump:

• Pence talked tough on Russia and Vladimir Putin, yet all the while he shrugged off Trump's own statements and sought to redefine the ticket's stance.

•Pence chuckled and expressed disbelief that Trump could have made the statements Kaine had been quoting all night, yet he declined to rebut them.

That reaction matched that of politicians in both parties, and some voters, over the past year of watching Trump's highly unorthodox campaign. But since Trump did in fact say those things, Pence provided post-debate openings for the Clinton campaign to document them.

One interesting question mark will be Trump's personal reaction to Pence conspicuously passing up opportunities to defend Trump.

That has drawn much stronger post-debate reviews that Trump received last week against Hillary Clinton, with one senior Trump adviser saying: "Pence won overall, but lost with Trump. Mr. Trump can't stand to be upstaged."

And, that is what Pence did … stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

actually, it's rather important that a vp looks presidential with these two evil clowns running for president. hillary could be impeached at any time if she wins, and, god knows how bad her health is. trump is well, trump and a world class clown. pence looks the part and gets my vote on what i saw last night.

Anonymous said...

6:21, our only hope might be the health of Hillary. Then we get the man who is ashamed of being a man. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Same bs from the clinton camp. Since there is nothing to run on all they can do is try to bash trump. As easy as that is, they have no real campaign or plan so this is the debate strategy. Nice strategy as it were per se. I cant figure out who is more blind, trumpers or people like the named commenters above who also have yet to back their candidate with any real evidence that she remotely has the skills or plans to improve our failing economy and culture. By a mile the best of this group is pence. And it's not close

Anonymous said...

9:29 Pence is wooden , regressive , yet another lying so called "Christian fundamentalist " who would not know Truth If it bit him in the ass.

His reputation in. INdiana is not impressive , most Hoosiers are delighted to be rid of him .