Friday, October 7, 2016

Byrne in My Mailbox

   I got my first Byrne mailer today as did the other two registered C's here at 557.  Very cleverly it included a quote from his 2014 WDT endorsement, sort of making it look like he is endorsed again this year...He may be but it was a clever move.
   The flat also listed three platform items...Getting our "fair share" of aid from Albany against those NYC jackals.
    Also there was "fighting Albany corruption", a popular issue this year.
    And finally, "fighting for middle-class values", meaning lower college costs, lower health premiums and bigger STAR checks. 
    All in all, an OK direct mail piece that simply states his positions. No mention of guns though.


Anonymous said...

Forget the guns.. Byrnes is a Democrat turned Republican.. He will say what he needs to in order to garner votes but he wont vote gun issues any different than Addie Russell..
This guy is as phony and creepy as they come.

Anonymous said...

As a Republican in the Assembly he won't get squat. You never see any press releases from Blankenbush or Barclay other than when they "speak out" on something. They have no juice at all.