Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bill Weld Working to Elect Clinton ? :

     Is the Libertarian ticket now just a sham to help Hillary Clinton ? VP candidate and former MA Governor Bill Weld is telling his hometown paper he plans to concentrate exclusively on defeating Donald Trump and not on electing Gary Johnson.
     The smooth talking Weld has always been suspect as a third party candidate and may now be content to play the usual two party game.
      Of course the liberal media may want to advance this story line as anything they can do to elect Mrs. Clinton, they will.
      Bill Weld Drops Out to Support Hillary Clinton? :

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Anonymous said...

Most sane. People are working to defeat Trump , the jerk is a trainwreck . The Orange Psycho would increase the. Possibility for that WORLDWAR the general in your lead story is scaremongering about . Their goal is to INCREASE military spending beyond the obscenity it is now . The US HASNOT won a war since WW2 , yet spends more than the rest of the civilized world on Waging Losing wars and wasting scarce resources in an attempt to enrich the military industrial sector at the expense of the middle class while DESTROYING our economy withthis foolishness.