Thursday, October 6, 2016

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz Feud Prior to Hosting the Debate | Daily Mail Online

      In a town hall debate where the public asks questions why do we know two preening anchors seeking to make themselves part of the story ?

       CNN and ABC are promoting the debate with ads only mentioning their person as the moderator. The two of them are arguing over who gets to do what....translated, who gets to take down Trump ?

        At some point Trump needs to back these two down by asking if they are moderators or participants.

         All of the theatrics and anchor egos merely take away from the candidates and are more evidence these phony Debate Commission events should be history.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz prepare to co-host upcoming presidential debate | Daily Mail Online


hermit thrush said...

trump said that under him there's going to be so much winning we're all going to get sick of it, but jeff seems to have mistaken that for whining.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch Anderson anymore. Those panels of idiots he has on there are unwatchable. I've never even heard of half of those so called experts. I try to watch some of the others, but just way to partisan.

Anonymous said...

Klitcrap, that makes no sense. C'mon, get some rest. Your federal retirement program will never be endangered.

Anonymous said...

So freakingsick of Orange Anus ,Billary and all these damn politicians and talking heads, glad when this shitstorm of an election is over . Either way we are screwed except the Orange buffoon is dangerous beyond expectations .