Wednesday, October 19, 2016

AD 116: How Aggressive Should Russell Be ?

     The final two weeks of the AD 116 race will be interesting....Interesting to see whether internal polling we don't see drives incumbent Addie Russell to go negative and define her largely unknown opponent in more negative terms now that John Byrne has gone full bore trying to define her as the NNY embodiment of Sheldon Silver.
     I've  thought the reluctance to use opposition research two years ago nearly cost Ms. Russell the seat.
     In the largely issueless campaign this year, the visage of Mr. Silver is all over TV spots and mailers.
     Ms. Russell has sought to bill herself as a hard working lawmaker who gets results for constituents. Her commercials have stressed aiding small business and saving jobs.
      Mr. Byrne is doing the HOTLINE on Friday, and that's likely the last such appearance by either candidate in a race that will be fought out on the airwaves and in mailboxes.


Anonymous said...

The NYC Democrat maid has a record of serving the interests of the downstate boyz. It's a fact. No amount of spin, denial, slant or bias, or pretend reality will change that fact. She may very well still win, and most are either party liners or otherwise too stupid to think on their own. But if you want the NYC boyz to be happy, send their servant back down to Albany.

Anonymous said...

But on the issues, the burn lad is just like addie, we don't need another addie in office...