Monday, October 10, 2016

Actually in the Locker Room I Use, Little is Said About Anything

       Two things from the debate need clarity...One is the handwringing about the decline of comity and how nasty this campaign is. Read some of the many books on politics in the 1800s. and this is not unusual.
      The  other is "locker room: or "frat house"  banter which is what Donald Trump called his regrettable on the bus chat with Billy Bush. 
       Many male anchors were quick to point out they never heard such talk in a locker room.
       I am in a locker room every day since I started going to Planet Fitness and no I don't hear replays of the Billy Bush conversation, but "locker room banter" is more a metaphor for men talking in a private setting, which may include lewdness and some bragging along with joking and talk of physical attributes.  Lines can be crossed and that's why we are always careful around microphones and the Internet.  And in today's world where HR reads the riot act on workplace behavior, behavior has changed somewhat.
     Gone are the days of wolf whistles but guys do appreciate a finely turned ankle and think about or talk about sex.  So do women. Have you ever observed the scene at a Chippendale's performance ?
      In today's sexually charged pop culture, women are objectified 24/7. In video, in lyrics, everywhere.  We also throw around words like sexual assault like candy.
      The Billy Bush chat was embarrassing because it involved a candidate for President and it was on tape and involved real people who were talked about as commodities.
       Mr. Trump was correct to say it was wrong and he apologized.  Those who act like all of this is alien to them or that they are "sick to their stomach"  are not believable.
       There will be more tapes, particularly excerpts from the Stern show or out takes from The Apprentice. None of it is a surprise, and people can judge accordingly.
        Now a much overused cliché....Can we talk about the issues ?


Anonymous said...

I don't care if Trump killed someone, he still has my vote. The greater good dictates that we support Trump unless he indicates he will do something in office that is not greater good than Hillary. That's not going to happen.

The leftards keep lying and saying that Trump was bragging about assaulting women. They keep editing the conversation to make it sound like he was speaking literally when he said "grab them by the pussy".

First off, it is not assault if you have permission to toach and what he said is "they let you do it", therefor permission is implied, until and unless someone comes forward. But if that happens now, it is too little too late. Secondly, at the point when he said "grab them by the pussy", he was clearly exaggerating.

Anonymous said...

The term locker room refers to real athletes who actually play or played real team or competitive individual sports not some yuppy sweat farm where you fo to ride a spinner. . Locker room where you go ....laughable . THat said , real men don't laff at sexual abuse and condone assualt.

The donnie is a wimp tho , he doesnt represent those of us who have enough self confidence and ability to attract and retain the interest of the opposite sex with paying for it. MElania is only there for beer my friend . !!

hermit thrush said...

you continue not to get it, jeff. the issue isn't that trump used lewd language. the issue isn't that he talked about sex or being attracted to women. the issue isn't that he tried to bed a married woman.

the issue is that he boasted about forcing himself on women and committing sexual assault. if you're not sick to your stomach about that then something is deeply wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

The donnie was Freddies little problem that he shipped off to military school because he was a PIA . Seems Lil donnie as a result has had " daddy issues " for years ..

Frontline had a great show on his and Clinton's upbringing last nite before the debate . Her old man was a negative ah too , but Fred Trump was also a tyrant who engendered no fatherly love at all , a cold , negative , self centered nasty person who caused his eldest son Lil donnies older brother ( an airline pilot ) to shrink into a series of depressive activities . He belittled his own kids and there was NO mention of lil donnies mom who i imagine was also abused .

HRC had a decent mother who nurtured her kids , the old man was a bastard like Fred Trump ., what we see today is a result of those upbringings

Anonymous said...

The way Trump communicates, especially while not making a speech to the public, should be a non issue. I cannot believe that Hillary herself could not be taped using similar language in private.
The real issue here should be the actions participated in and and acted upon by Hillary in her past-from her days with Bill in Arkansas to the present.
I think Donald does not bring this up because, like past "offenders" and people who might have threatened the Clinton political careers, they ended up committing suicide or murdered with the cases left "unsolved".
"If it looks like a Duck, walks like a duck swims like a duck-YA GOT A DUCK!"
Only that duck will kill ya if you identify it.
I cannot and will not vote for someone who has that many suspiciously dead people in her political background. These cases do not add up to any conspiracy theory, just remain unsolved while still connected to the Clinton's political career.
The threats go back to when Bill ran against Ross Perot. It is a wonder that Obama was not threatened when he ran. One cannot "prove" who killed and threatened so many, because all this was done by "professionals" who take pride in leaving "murders unsolved".
Is this who you want to vote for?

Anonymous said...

"I don't care if Trump killed someone,
he still has my vote."

And there you have it, folks, you can't cure stupid.

Anonymous said...

9:21 & 9:28 Real men don't constantly have these type of conversations unless they are forced fed by their liberal leaning partners.

BOYS, check your manhoods!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks 9:15 has not read Gillibrand's new manual on sexuality of 21st century males.

Read her Rules & Requirements for Sexual Encounters 101 for Liberal Dummies. Step 1 you can not even have physical brush of any other person's body unless you have a written contract.

Don't look at them a certain way, don't arch your eyebrows it will mean sexual assault he said she said.

God help if you have the urge to make contact lip to lip because unless the other individual has said yes and yes and yes, you are going to be called a rapist.

Nothing can be worth getting yourself tied up with these crazy unstable feminists and an oncoming lawsuit one and two years down the line cause they changed their friggin minds/

Buy yourself a sexual robot, they can talk dirty to you all day and night long.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a teen talking about girls like they were property. In the boot camp in Florida, same. Then I got a ring placed on my finger by a very nice lady. She owns me now. I get it. No more talk like that. Some guys just don't out grow it. I think Donald Trump needed to out grow it last month. Now he is all set this week. I am sure the talk he had with his wife settled that once and for all. No excuses. Just facts. He was a late bloomer. :)

Anonymous said...

11:36 Let's have some honest ladies posting and tell the men what turn them on....

Does anyone think Carlos Danger was just whispering sweet nothings to his Clinton Lady Assistant Wife. Carlos Danger couldn't have texted his dirty talking to just the minors he preyed on, he most likely dirty talked with the wife as well.

Hey guys, just stand in line and perform when and if they feel they need to be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

11:14 AM, Hillary HAS killed people in Benghazi. Not to mention with her classified emails and Vince Foster...

Anonymous said...

11:14, We can only take your word for it that you exhausted all possible cures for stupid, but we can all attest that you were unsuccessful.

Everything your party stands for is stupid. From the open borders policy, to importing more Moose-limbs since 9/11 than the country imported in the rest of the country's history. If stopping that stupidity meant we had to vote for a murderer, I am okay with it. Just as you are okay with voting for the woman who has caused more death and destruction in the world than the most ardent neocon republican.

Anonymous said...

Quite sure you don't hear this kind of talk at Planet Fitness or any other "health club". Things do get a bit raunchy in locker rooms where teams change before and after practice and games. Everyone knows each other and boasting and one up man ship is common. Having said that - the level of discussion was so immature it would be out of place by high school.

Anonymous said...

938.. I,m seeing it your way... The results are a rich b astard thats not fit to be president and a lying Bitch who belongs in Prison rather than running for president...
And you wonder why conspiracy theorists are becoming more beliveable.

Anonymous said...

A Twenty Trillion dollar debt, mostly accumulated in the last eight years, and we are talking about eleven year old pussy. Dannie's Skank attacks rape victims, but we worry fret about bad hair. Diplomats are murdered while the lying babe protects a campaign lie, and the alternative called Rosie O'Donnell a pig. No wonder the decay of
America will continue.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah..all talk,just like that conversation.But have you seen the tape of Juanita Broadrick detailing her rape by Billybob? Watch that,and see if you think the Clintons have any business being in the white house again.

Anonymous said...

I FINALLY get it. It seems the common denominator most Trump supporters have is that they have failed at marriage. Resentment over an ex seems to make men go Trump. Perhaps if they had lived up to their vows (unlike the Donald) they would have had happier lives. Its all about choices guys. Dont make this a political thing

Anonymous said...

Broderick also recanted, so add her to the list if possible liars, 7:26.

4:28, wrong again. I'm not Republican OR Democrat. Was disgusted by both parties years ago and registered Independent.

Anonymous said...

@11:14 AM

There is a book out of a former Secret Service officer during her time as a first lady. "Crisis of Character"
Even if only half of it is true. Then Hellary has no reason to point at Trump, while showing violent tantrums, insults to others and the use of foul language.
Hypocrite at its best,
also shown in how she deals with her husband's affairs and rapes.

Bill the rapist with this witch again in the White house, that is plain scary. Will he chase and assault interns again? What influence will he have on her decisions?

I am not a fan of Trump, but with Trump we have a chance to avoid WWIII with Russia and China.
At least he is not responsible for hundred thousands of deaths inclusive around 200.000 Iraqi children through sanctions. He did not vote for the invasion of Iraq like Hellary, or is responsible for the destruction of Libya, which resulted in Benghazi and the Refugee crisis of Africa.
Hellary with her connections to Saudi and the big Wall Street banks, who pay for her campaign, will bring us right in to WW III. And this time US will not get the easy way out like before, as the Russians have very new sophisticated weapons and missiles.

Anonymous said...


Broderick never recanted, that was reported by an MSM Clinton supporter and rebutted quickly by more reliable sources. Her story is also collaborated by a co-worker she told her story to shortly after the incident.

Anonymous said...

8:00 pm you don't "get it" about anything. Better to have a failed marrage than to not know who your baby dadday is.

The common denominator of Trumps supporters is that they are practical and know your party is stupid. The know that it is stupid to import hundreds of thousands of Muslims into our country from countries with a high percentage of extremists and terrorist. They know it is stupid to have open borders and allow people to invade our country with impunity. They know it is stupid to have sanctuary cities. They know it is stupid to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. They know that you are a dolt and don't deserve your teaching job.