Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Observations

      The biggest smokescreen of this year is the Clinton campaign's argument that the WikiLeaks are altered by the Russians who snared them to affect the US election.
       WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in a 2006 manifesto, said then he wanted to infiltrate the two parties with a goal of undermining their legitimacy....All long before Putin became a campaign issue.
       Now it looks like the US will launch a cyber war to help legitimize the Clinton claims.
        On this issue of Donald Trump claiming the election is rigged.  It's not rigged in the sense of someone stuffing a ballot box (although that can happen);  It's the complete coopting of media committed to the goal of stopping what they are convinced is a threat more pernicious than the notion of being fair and balanced.
      In fairness, this notion of unbiased media is a more recent concept as a handful of corporate media gatekeepers came to dominate the market in the last century.
      In some ways technology is bringing back to the old days.
       People ask me every dayi f I think Trump has a chance.....I say no as he just isn't likeable enough and despite his opponent's weakness, Mr. Trump has piled up too many petty controversies and dumb statements to go with the many appealing aspects of his candidacy.
       The party of the takers has 45% to start with, and in this race that's enough. Plus a lot of the well to do makers are now siding with the takers.


NY21inMD said...

This election is rigged in the sense that an overwhelming majority of the electorate prefers a flawed candidate over a obviously maniacal incompetent buffoon. While we are spit-balling conspiracies, the only conspiracy that seems plausible is that Trump is a Clinton plant, the only Republican candidate she could have beaten. The truth is Hillary Clinton is smarter and tougher than Donald Trump and is the one candidate capable of governing this country.

Anonymous said...

Trump has too many self inflicted wounds and then when he continually over reacts to every baiting it simply sinks his ability to project either gravitas or calmness under fire both are critical for executive leadership .

Bottom line a reality show marketing denizen ,,Just NOT READY for prime time leadership of rhe free world .

Middle-Class Mike said...

Mr. Trump is still going to win this election, as the MSM anti-TRUMP surge plays out with viewers, and the EMAIL scandal continues to expose Hillary Clinton as the most 2 FACED candidate in history.

The 3rd debate is crucial - Mr. Trump must speak to issues like stopping the Global interests Hillary advocates for and keeping America 1st during his tenure. Immigration & a strong defense still matter to voters, as POTUS launches a CYBER-WAR to deflect away from Hillary's EMAIL server woes and the resultant cover-up now implicating the FBI & State DEPT. & Justice Dept.too.

He must still come across as the man in the wilderness (Churchill made a career comeback with that theme) & call MSM and Political Elitists in both parties out for their hypocrisy.

I say Mr. Trump can still win the Presidency and he has my vote!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

1014.. Got you back on that one..
Obama and the administration insinuate cyber war with Russia.. Why?? He and his flunkies know its not Russia, rather its honest men and women within our NSA and FBI that still love our government that are embarressed by the greatest miscarriage of American Justice inthe history in our nation.
We have a liar for a president. His administration was picked and is full of liars .He has issued executive action after executive action because he cannot negotiate with Congress. He has now allowed our Congress t be laughed upon by a totally committed criminal and her contempt for us as a nation.
He ordered the Justice Dept to stand down on Clinton without a doubt. Lorretta Lynch ordered James Comey to stand down on the matter and to explain in your own words why??
She sold our government out period for deals with other countries in return for favors and donations to the Clintons..
Its not all about Hillary Clinton either. There are key Republicans working behind the scenes to maintain this corruption and deception of our government in order to benifit themselves and their causes.. You know who they are some being previous canidates for the presidency who have been turned back by the voters of this nation..

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Assange is not an American, but wanted and alleged criminal in hiding; Putin likewise plus he is a fledging dictator longing for the good old days of the USSR and his old agency revamped: the KGB.

Now they both are working hard to undermine our system... why is that? Apparently GOPers can't figure that out ... they would rather see Trump ruin us while they cheer Assange and Putin.

- WTF - why not all three of them: "Three Amigos Redux." Go for it, morons.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder how NYmarriedtoparty has any idea which candidate is capable of governing the country. He sounds a lot like your typical golf course hero, who has no experience or knowledge of leadership or even what leadership means. Other than the military totalitarian type of leadership. The type of proven leadership skills that trump has, are completely foreign to our resident career military bureaucrats. They have no clue of an idea how to win subordinates over and motivate them, other than to threaten to court martial and imprison them.

This reminds me of a lie one of the frequent Hotline callers told last week. Trump never said he was going to replace the House Speaker, as this liar said. He said "perhaps he won't be in that position".

The president is completely within his rights to try to influence who the Speaker of the House is. And Trump is smart and capable enough to effectively do just that. Quit lying frequent caller. Quit hiding behind the Constitution by lying about what Trump actually said.

Anonymous said...

10:14 How could you compare Churchill to the great Donald Trump? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

There you have it folks , proof positive : MCM backing losers for decades !!!!!!

The angel of death has spoken once again,Mikey you never fail to deliver losers !!!

Anonymous said...

Mikey backed Owens twice and won twice. And he backed Stefanik in the primary and won that one too. He called for the removal of Silver and he got his way on that. Overall he is on the winning side about 30%, so Trump still has a chance even with Mikey's support.

Anonymous said...

As if NoClass has a clue. trump loses dearly on this one mikie...

Anonymous said...

He is still a LOSER 30/70 really ....a fn LOSER , so will TRUMP get his ass handed to him . MCM is one sorry assed prognosticator .

Middle-Class Mike said...

Of course the fact that I picked Mr. Trump out of 17 candidates means nothing to some people right! I mean nobody thought Trump would win the Primary when he started out in this campaign cycle. Give me a break, and I've picked more winners than losers by far. The trouble with people here is they often just support a candidate because they're an obvious winner. You pick the best candidate out there and then vote for them if you're approaching it the right way folks! MCM

Anonymous said...

trump will get buried

Anonymous said...

MCM, you along with the rest of the lunatic fringe have hijacked the Republican Party. Now you're getting what you deserve.. Hillary Clinton.

Preacher said...

Danny what you don't get... Russia never changed. The KGB never went away. The Red Army is still there. It's just richer, and more powerful. Because the DEM's just allowed it. The REP's too. Just larger nukes, better trained troops, and Putin thanks our country for helping him. Remember the money our stupid slow dim-wit leadership handed over years ago? Just like today with Iran. You said that was all good too. We owed it to them. In the long run we all will be okay too. Russia, China, and Iran will kick our ass. We will have a new leadership. Hate to say it, maybe better. Sure as hell smarter.