Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Z Gal and Faso Neck and Neck

      The guy who lost to the Steamroller in 2006 and the gal who lost to the guy who keeps score in 2014 are locked in a dead even 43-42 race for Congress in eastern NY.
      John Faso....the well financed journeyman GOP pol vs the eclectic progressive from Vermont who so PO'd Andy two years ago.
       This is an interesting race between Woodstock and the back woods.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention she is the girl who wrote an autobiography, called corruption in America.

You know, the corrupt girl who lied and said she didn't live in the city, so that she could criminally evade city income taxes.
Or else she lied and said she did live in the city, when she discovered she couldn't run for Governess unless she told the truth about living there.

And that big fat lying hypocrite is one who believes in all things govenrment and unlimited spending by govenrment. She just doesn't believe she should have to help pay for it, so she lied. She should live on a golf course, per se

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the carpetbaggin' fruitcake. Think of the fun we will have with that weed head in there. No end to the fun, per se. Just shows how stupid NYers are. Why not vote her in and show the nation just how far we have our heads in our butts.