Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WDT: Trial Goes On

      A defense motion for dismissal or mistrial was denied today and the bench trial of Oral Hillary goes on in SLC Court.
      The defense had claimed the prosecution withheld information on a key witness that could help their case. The judge found otherwise and denied the motion.
Watertown Daily Times | Judge denies Hillary mistrial request after claims of undisclosed witness

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Anonymous said...

I wont comment about the obvious Rain incompetance but I want to comment on Sheriff Kevin Wells hiring of this man a few years ago..
John Jones Jr was hired several years ago at the Sheriffs department... He was on probation and went out and got drunk one night.. He wrecked his vehicle that night. He left the Vehicle at the scene and went home.. He called the authorities and reported that vehicle stolen.. He returned to work soon after with no remorse for what he did..The NYSP did an investigation into the incident some time later and found the truth and were going to make an arrest.. The then Sheriff decided to let Jones resign instead of firing him and Jones chose the resignation.. I, do not know what happened during the court proceedings on his multible chrges but in years to come he became a police officer for Norwood..
Then the real problem happened.. Sheriff Kevin Wells in order to shave money in his budget hired this man back to the dept that he betrayed years prior to.
This man is a disgrace his life is a disgrace and its obvious his morales are disgraceful.
His father was a deputy for years and years and served the people of this county well and I,m sure this wouldnt set well with Jack.