Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WDT: St. Lawrence County Voters the Victim of Bad Advice

    This week our friend Perry delivered an excoriation of SLC DA Mary Rain and said next year Big County residents must expunge their error made three years ago.
    Well, yes I guess voters need to take a closer look at who they are voting for but you have to remember Ms. Rain was endorsed by Perry's paper, and that gives the imprimatur of legitimacy.
     Perhaps some circumspection, or at least naval gazing is needed at 260 on why they made such an erroneous recommendation to voters.


Anonymous said...

Perry made the correct recommendation last time. The choice was Duve or Rain and Rain is the better man.

But Perry's selective outrage is just laughable. We have the same level of ineptness here in our county, but our media chooses to ignore it and attack Rain instead. Half of the stuff they accuse Rain of is untrue. We had a city lawmaker charged with DWI and no one batted an eye when she was sent to Fulton for prosecution. Why not prosecute her in Jefferson county? We had a Red Stag DWI sheriff and the DA protected their fellow lying LE brethren, saying there was not enough evidence. Yet the same people will prosecute someone asleep in their car, assuming they were drunk when they parked. Where is certainly "reasonable doubt" such a person was not drunk when they parked. About as much doubt that Hillary didn't do it.

What is clear is that no new evidence was ever going manifest and and so it was high time to try the case with what they had and see if they could convince the jury to convict the guilty guy. It is okay to have doubt about guilt and still take them to trial. It is up to a jury or judge to determine if the doubt is reasonable or not.

Back here we had a cop climb a ladder and attempt to assassinate his girlfriends lover. The city manage passed the buck saying "I don't micromanage". The perry types ate that up. We still have no outside oversight of our city police. No one ever was held accountable for allowing the crimes to be committed by one of their own until it escalated into a shooting.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 27, 2016 at 8:01 AM

"Perry made the correct recommendation last time. The choice was Duve or Rain and Rain is the better man." Whoa.

You must either be 1) out of your mind, or 2) Mary Rain. Although choice 2 is really a two-for, and while Rain may be a bit mannish in appearance, Ms. Duve certainly isn't.

Anonymous said...

Boy,you really like the word "excoriation" don't you? Glad I could introduce it into your vocabulary.