Sunday, September 4, 2016

WDT: NNY Poor Get By With Little Hope in Sight

         Lack of living wage jobs and expensive housing is the reason local welfare administrators say there is a steady rise in participation in various poverty assistance programs locally.
          From reading this article it doesn't seem the nation is going anywhere in terms of improving the overall standard of living. 
          That likely won't change and those in poverty will remain there. Their numbers have risen during one of the most 'progressive' administrations you could ask for in Washington and Albany.
          On leadership, we have two candidates for President. One with his own plane and luxurious homes.  The other who spends time with the uber rich in tony spots on the coasts stroking them for money.
         Only recently has one candidate begun talking of the in fly-over America's poorest spots.
          But for now, the social safety net programs will continue to prosper.


Anonymous said...

What B.S. Mr. Mayor!
We all know that the 'poor' are just lazy RINO bums, who moochelle off the system!

My god!
These leaches only work 3 part-time 'jobs', after all!

Just ask Skankboy! He'll tell ya all about it!

dajeep said...

Whoa, hold the phone !! "Welfare administrators say there is a steady rise in participation..." Well all that "Hope and Change" carp worked out well, didn't it??

Anonymous said...

There are no Americans in poverty. They all have the basics and far more. Where they are lacking is in the opportunity to realize the dignity of taking care of themselves.

That midnight sub at the convenience store would taste much better to the morbidly obese person buying it with their EBT card, if they bought it with money they had actually earned doing an honest job. If they had an honest job, they wouldn't need $1,000's worth of tattoos and bad-ass dogs to build their esteem, because the job would build it for them. And if they saved the $1,000's, they wouldn't need the EBT card.

Anonymous said...

Many don't want jobs. Jobs are out there. Not good ones, but something you could use to start the climb. Why would anyone want that? Sit home, make babies, apply for freestuff, and vote Skank.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Causes of poverty and how to reduce or eliminate it - those are the imperatives to be solved:

1. It is not by clever design.
2. It has no rational or logical purpose.
3. It is not for political gain (i.e., how many poor people actually vote?)

If any real politics are in play then surely it is watching one side bash the other all the while the bash the poor and needy who needs some help.

Do some take advantage of the good will programs? Sure; but don't the rich take advantage of moving their wealth off shore to protect it from taxes while they enjoy what America offers? That is aptly called "corporate welfare" and yes it is true - but it trickles down, right? Yeah, sure it does.

Does anyone choose to be poor or down and out... some, yes; but not the vast majority who are in need and who have families and kids and in many cases, low wage jobs (or two) yet still struggle.

Those things need to be solved ... not piling more on. But, piling on is easy isn't it and we see and hear it around here bigtime. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

The word 'skank' is bandied about so loosely by some no-mind on this blog. It has an oddly Teutonic flair to it, nein? Wonder who he is voting for? Ach tung baby!!

Anonymous said...

Dannie, you have a gift. You can fill spaces with words and not say a darned thing. What your 1:00 post says is anyone's guess. I will compliment you on one thing. You do sound like an education kinda guy. Where's the meat, Dannnie, per se? The fact is we have done things your way for over a generation. Besides generations of poor people, most all either stuck in their situation or too lazy to start the upward climb, we got nothing. And your answer is always the same, take more money from people who struggle and work and give it to the crapheads. Crapheads vote, so I get it. But how long can this go on? This stupidity of yours will end when the people working and struggling realize they can do better by staying drunk. Those are the kind of people who think you are a great thinker. Maybe if you payed taxes like the rest of us you might see the need for a different approach.

Anonymous said...

GEDless/7:27, at least capitalize the name of God. I won't ask you to make a point. No sense in it, as it were.

Anonymous said...

god is not uppercase. duh

Anonymous said...

It is to me, 4:20. And 9:50, the reason you are leaving a puddle over the word Skank is it fits. That bothers you. I don't blame you for being nerved up. But at least I capitalize that. If we can use Skank in caps surely you can manage a bit of respect for God.

Anonymous said...

You are a godless hater 9:58. You've proven it by your comments.

You're also scared of our next president's female parts, that's why you stupidly call her names...

No worries though Skankboy... When donnie gets trounced in November, people will call him the same thing they have been.

LOSER! heh, heh, heh...

Anonymous said...

8:48 AM

Cato Institute had a statistic out, that the average welfare benefits in NY State is 38.000 Dollars for a person In Hawaii which was Nr.1 in benefits 49.000 Dollars
Somewhere in the Article of WDT, it is written that the average benefit is 30.000 Dollars, not bad all for not working.
The average income in Jefferson County, so far I remember was 43.000 Dollars before Taxes. And this are the people who paying the welfare benefits with their taxes.
Welfare income does not even count as income so far I know. this is why they get generous Earned Income credit taxes.
In the WDT Article is mentioned that the EBT benefit is now 194 Dollars per person. Now count that to family of eight, like I had in my neighborhood on Section 8. Children get the same and free school lunches. No wonder they could sell their EBT Cards ,by going shopping for others, for 50Cents on the Dollar to get cash, on top of their emergency financial assistance, for drugs and gambling. They also toured the surrounding food pantries on a regular basis, there where no shortage on food for them.
There truck was newer then ours, I was told a lease, as you can not own a good car when someone is on welfare, it will count as property against it.
There is a lot of abuse in the system for special having children to get benefits and stay on welfare. I feel bad for this children , the majority, has no chance to get out of this circle, because that's all what they learned.
In the meantime single elderly people or disabled people can often hardly survive, as the often a couple of dollars with their SS over the benefit. And EBT for one person is not a lot.

@7:27 AM
You are so right a lot just playing the system. Breeding babies as cash cows or just keep doing what they learned in their generational welfare families and that's includes drugs selling and using.

A lot of people only want to work part time jobs, so not to loose their benefits, like Medicaid, EBT card Section housing or Heap heap as well as childcare help , free school lunches and so on.
If they earn to much they will get over the limit and paying taxes. They sure do not want that.

@7:43 AM
My guess is that a lot of this people are followers or families of people in the military or inmates in the surrounding jails here in the area.
I heard that welfare benefits are quiet generous in Jefferson County, comparing to others counties so this attracts takers. We see the influx of this people in parts of Watertown. If they come from the big Cities like NY City, they can combine drug dealing with collecting benefits. so win- win situation for them.

Anonymous said...

You are completely full of sh¤t #126.

The cato/koch bros. institute? Really?!?! No rhyme or reason whatsoever to your diatribe and not a shred of evidence. You should be embarrassed.