Thursday, September 22, 2016

WDT: "Mindless Character Assassination'

       A careless, insulting remark has been elevated to "mindless character assassination" as the WDT opines about nastiness and name calling in campaigns. Or at least talked about in the same context as the national tit for tat.
      At issue was labor czar Ernie LaBaff's' reference to our Congresswoman as "Elsie the Cow."
      If it hadn't been caught on cell phone by a tracker, it would never have been said in a public sense, but that's the world we live in, as a George Allen found out in his macaca moment.
     Of course in the Elsie story, it was just a surrogate saying it, but Original Sin for candidate Mike Derrick is he didn't swat down Mr. LaBaff, although we have no first hand reporting on the incident.
      The fuss, that it is one, lets voters know there is a contested race for Congress. Whether it changes anything , I don't know as I, like all (most) of you, don't know if there really is a race as there is no public polling.
       We assume there was felt a need to throw Mr. Derrick off stride by pointing this out and making it an issue. The Democratic candidate has been spending freely of late and this speed bump either hurts him or helps him if you buy into Trumpian disdance for PC. 


Anonymous said...

Most likely no public polling cause the pollsters who have already been privately hired by the RNCC and DCCC and by the individual candidates already know this will be a blow out.

This incident only shows the true character of the individuals and those that remain silent. That picture the WTD used of Ernie is nothing to write home about. Who is the cow now?

Funny how Addie the babe is still silent. This is why Addie and her small town cohorts like Ernie will always be viewed, small town.

Well don't you know this is how they are viewed down in the big city as well. Small town hillbillies.

Where is the apology from Ernie and his candidate to Stefanik for his in the face rough up at the parade? No one want to address that one?

Anonymous said...

This helps him a lot.
It brings attention to him where most people don't know he exists.
Democrats are hypocrites so they could not care less about calling the woman a cow, which everyone knows is a common way to call someone fat.
Look at all the name calling that they threw at Palin. Women voters loved it and men voters didn't care.

But in the end it won't matter. It just means he gets 25% instead of 20%, depending on if we hear from the commie baker between now and voting day.

Anonymous said...

8:25 Spot on. So the Mrs. of the Candidate remains silent. She is just as guilty and she knows it. She was there and we are sick and tired of how their life has been soooooo difficult raising their kids. As to their challenges have been that much more than the rest of us! Nobody gives a rip, it's what can you do for me now. You don't hear Stefanik bo hooing. Wipe your tears, start acting like a man and disassociate from the dirt bag Union head.

Out of the three the Union Head, Mr. Candidate or the wife I couldn't put a guess on who is the more attractive. At this point their actions appear to be pretty darn ugly.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

In this 24/7 "news" spin/gotcha' world, every word uttered will be field stripped (old Marine term used to "clean your rifle") and even minor slips of the tongue (and we all have them) will be magnified 100% and repeated for a few days or weeks... as media hounds seek out the next "tip."

Word of caution: watch what you say on camera, hell just about anywhere else for that matter since every word will be sliced and diced to fit whatever agenda the TMZ types want. Sad, actually.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that the editors of the Watertown Daily Times chose to bemoan the "tradition of character assassination" while indulging in that same "tradition" as often as possible.

That said, anyone playing the political game today should assume they are always being recorded.

Anonymous said...

Unions and their leaders are hypocrites today. Unions have outlived their use and need. Today unions have big mouths as leaders. Totally for themselves and nothing for members but higher dues and less say in their own careers. With the average worker getting les and less every contract you would think people would wise up.. Unions take quite a bit for dues weekly.. Think about your raise and how much more the union got you as opposed to your wages and realize you could do this on your own.

Anonymous said...

8:25 Agree, being the political hacks when we watched her take the election last time it will be the Dem. vs Green fighting for barely 30%. Besides the guy dull dull and dullest it was stupid of him to seek the support of LaBaff. Is this all that they got, sorry state of Democratic Party strength in SLC. LaBaff needs to lessen his take out of the dues, not as many union members paying into his pot.

Mr. Tough guy LaBaff all washed up.


Anonymous said...

Seems the WDT has forgotten those "Crazy Carl" swats they authored...

Anonymous said...

You have to keep the rules in mind if you want to understand the Perrkos hypocrite types. Instead of calling an opponent a fat cow, you have to be more subtle and call them "childish". Or better yet, call them "uneducated white males". Don't call them a liar, just declare as fact, that their statements can be debunked in two seconds using Google and clicking on a fellow perrykos website. Or the real gem of non-name-calling tactics, is to refer to any candidates with ideas that are at odds with the dyed in the wool commie, illiberal perrykos manifesto handbook, as "populism".

Don't call them names, just state as fact that they are only seeking office for "Self-aggrandizement through the brazen pursuit of power". Saying that is WAAAAAAY better than name calling.

Don't call them names, just refer to their comments as "appealing" and "mindless". Saying that is WAAAAAAY better than name calling.

Don't call them names, just state that they are "grossly mistaken" and "offensive. Saying that is WAAAAAAY better than name calling.

Not to call anyone names, but that editorial is one of the "sorriest displays of childish behavior we’ve ever encountered". Stomp your feet, hold your breath and cry like a baby, if they talk about controlling borders instead of the level in the lake, (which no one cares about except for Henderson Harbor summerhouse poser bleu bloods).

Anonymous said...

In Mr. White's eyes, its very important to use your mind when you are engaged in character assassination. Don't just call them a cow, call them the tyro Harvard Gal and verify those university transcripts. You they made Owens prove he pass the Bar.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, field stripped is a term many people use. It's not an "old marine term". Do you ever take a break from your self promotion program?

Anonymous said...

Perry, Perry, Perry, Are your peepers opened yet? Everyone sees through you, the shrill that you are for your Democrat Party.

Funny though, it may be MOC Stefanik that one day you just may thank, for pointing out what the females of your herd have done to the dwindling male population. All in the grand scheme, everywhere a distraction.

We would have respected you more if you spoke out or posted a piece on that poor white man dragged, kicked, beaten, punched on the parking garage floor by the BLM mob. Why, Just because he was white.

Don't you know it was just a whoops childish moment for Mr. LaBaff and sure Mr. Derrick spoke with him. The Brooklyn Bridge is still for sale!

Keep Voting for the D line!!!!!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

9:30 - well I suppose you could strip naked in the middle of a field and feel quite content? (smile).