Friday, September 2, 2016

WDT: Kaepernick in Good Company

    In an op/ed, the Times editorial czar offers a defense of Forty Niners QB Colin Kaepernick and his decision to sit out the playing of the National Anthem.  Jerry Moore says the nation's founders share a belief in civil disobediance and that true patriots are those who can't sleep at night over children going hungry or vets sleeping in the streets.
     I wonder about Kaepernick's interest in all this since his disdain or injustice seems recent and contrived at a point where his career is wobbly.
     That said, the nation will survive him sittng and someone raising issues like injustice will seldom make you popular with all.
     Mr. Kaepernick will be judged by the marketplace. Are his actions consistant with what he is, an entertainer and well paid one.


Anonymous said...

Such bs. Jerry Moore is a fruitcake. The founders were willing to die for their new nation. Whereas the Colon puke is ready to case million dollar checks, and complain about the nation that created his opportunity. But Jerry is so cool and fashionable. I'm thinking that's what is most important to him. Next time we see him, he will be wearing sandals with socks. Extremely cool. Watertown Times, extremely irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

These are high paid entertainers who, while on the job, must conform with their employer's standards regarding conduct. Tolerating this then becomes a statement by the team owners, and fans and others who disagree have full freedom to say so, to boycott sponsors and products, etc.

Anonymous said...

Perry's stooge should get an "A" for effort, but his arguments are weak and betray a dimwitted thinker who grasps at straws trying to justify the indefensible, without considering or weighing any counter arguments.

There is a time and place for protesting, and during the national anthem, at your employer's stadium, is not the time or place. Its not appropriate to protest at weddings or funerals either.

And Perry Junior also is wrong to say it is easy to beam with pride at the flag and when the Anthem plays. No, no it isn't easy. It takes maturity and appreciation to understand whats going on and to have reverence for what it all means.

This trouble maker marginal player, made no reference to the racism in the lyrics that no one knows about. Instead, he says he is protesting the problem that thugs are having with police in our country and the fake claim that it is predominately a problem for blacks, caused by racism.

Anonymous said...

It's not like San Fran is really part of America anyway. There are more nose rings there than any other city in the world. It's a sanctuary city so laws don't matter. And if you want to marry your turtle and get her artificially inseminated, that's the place to be. The home of Nancy Pelosi.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Many angry about his display and so am I, but folks, we can't profess to support the freedoms we enjoy and then try to block some for people we disagree with or find their actions despicable ... it's doesn't work that way.

We can't apply some sort of pick and choose rights to allow or not out of anger for others.

He is a horse's ass, for sure but that is his right to be a horse's ass.

Anonymous said...

I saw him today distancing his comments from the military,he made sure to say he was not referring to them in any way.Which makes him a coward,because there are just as many alleged cases of racism and injustice by military members,but they have become a sacred cow.It is only fashionable and cool to issue diatribes against the cops,and he knows he can get away with it safely,but if he attacked military members he knows he would be roundly excoriated.

Anonymous said...

9:28, as usual, your thoughts on this are shallow and partisan. There are many places that you gladly give up freedom, from the county fair gun raffle, to the right to own guns that look scary, to the right to be secure from all unreasonable seizures of our passions.

His actions are maddening because dolts like you and the rest of the ultra-left, defend him. There is no right for an employee to protest at work, nor in a private venue at a stadium. And that goes for both fans and employees in the private venue. Even if a left-tard were to argue that they had the right, this clearly would be an acception because it effects his popularity with the audience, which is pertinent to his job.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

8:08 back at you .. partisan thought? Where the hell is politics mentioned in this ugly story?

I don't cae if he is a a DEM or GOPer ... he is one man, one narrow-minded view and a right to express it anyway he chooses - that is America.

This is non-story seeking substance. What if hundreds or more protested that way would it make any difference? It should not. That is who we are and you have your rights to take the opposite stand and speak out, too.

Anonymous said...

Danny, This is partisan politics for you and everything always is with you. You are all about freedom of speech...until you're not. The only reason you support this employees "right" to protest in a private venue while he is at work, being paid, is because his supposed "cause" is a radical-left cause.