Saturday, September 17, 2016

WDT: Judges and Politics Coincide Once in a While

    Judges speaking out doesn't happen too often as they are frequently prohibited from being too political. A Supreme Court justice commenting on the NYS Constitution in a speech in Canton....Or a local race for judge.
     Candidates for next year's city judge race are now allowed to campaign and it will be interesting to see if a recent Dem to Rep  convert will challenge Judge Catherine Palermo who will be running for her first full ten year term after lucking into a full time post when her part time judge appointment coincided with state legislation giving Watertown two full time judges.
      While this year's election has yet to occur, its never too early to ponder about next year, and this one is a doozie as pay hikes and lucrative benefits make this election a career and not just a sideline like local legislative positions.
        Watertown Daily Times | New York Justice Caruso backs revisions to state constitution

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Anonymous said...

Judges can not campaign until 9 months before the election. As a primary, if any would be held in september they can not campaign until December. therefore it will be a couple of months before the dem to rep convert will announce.